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Smart Kitchen

Top Appliances That Make Your Kitchen Smart

by Elias Deukmajian | Smart Kitchen

Kitchen remodeling is not all about what kind of countertop you choose or what color your cabinets will be; in today’s world, kitchen remodeling has a more in-depth basis of functionality and technology. With recent advancements in technological applications, technological devices can be found in all areas of the home. Kitchen appliances that enhance the quality of your cooking experience by making cooking easier, more fun, and more engaging. With each year that passes, the world of technology is becoming more gradually extended to kitchen remodeling. Some of the top appliances on the market today can help bring your kitchen into the technological era, and with the touch of a button you can make your kitchen a fully functioning computerized hub. If you are wondering how to make your kitchen smarter, here are a few appliances that can help you do so.


Perhaps one of the most exciting developments in kitchen technology, smart fridges are the newest craze. You can accurately measure water dispensing from your fridge for precision pours with the touch of a button; utilize touch screens to choose from a variety of options in cooling temperatures and functions; view the inside of your fridge on your smart phone in case you forget to make a shopping list and don’t want to miss out on any of the essentials…the list is endless! Smart refrigerators are interactive, fun, and above all, convenient. They address some of the typical issues of past refrigerator designs and integrate technology in an effective, functional way. Depending on what brand you choose, these fridges can be somewhat pricey, but most kitchen appliances can be financed easily.

Smart Ovens

Have you ever wished you could cook a fancy meal but feared the outcome of potentially wasting food and a chunk of cash on an improperly cooked dinner? Well, now with smart ovens, a camera detects what type of food you wish to cook, selects the best method of cooking, and determines the length and temperature of cooking so that you don’t have to worry about your dinner being under or over cooked. There is also an option to view the food inside the oven with a high-tech camera so you can monitor the progress of your cooking in detail by viewing it on an app on your smart phone. Remotely controlling the oven also allows you to turn off the oven when not in use if you accidentally leave your home with it on. Another invention, under the umbrella of smart ovens, is electric smokers. Some electric smokers are also remotely controlled through the use of a mobile app that you can control it with. You no longer have to stay home all day while cooking—you can simply monitor your smoker from whatever location you wish.

Bluetooth Speakers

Another underestimated kitchen component that people often don’t think of is Bluetooth speakers. Wired throughout your kitchen and connected to smart gadgets, Bluetooth speakers can play specific music selections while you are cooking, and allow you to voice commands without any touch-screen involved. This is especially helpful when your hands are messy from baking or mixing. Bluetooth speakers in a kitchen are a wonderful addition to the natural ambiance that a kitchen inherently provides for a home; because the kitchen is often the center gathering place in most households, having music or sports announcements at your beck and call will make the kitchen an even more appealing place for family members to gather and connect.

Smart Kitchen Appliances

Upgrading Your Kitchen

There are many aspects to kitchen remodels from the flooring to the cabinet hardware. It is essential to have the help of a professional in kitchen remodels assess your household’s individual needs and wishes before tackling such a huge project—it should be done right the first time to save money and spare yourself hassle and inconvenience. Finding the right kitchen appliances for your family is something that the experts here at Kitchen Emporium are skilled at. Serving areas all across Southern California including the San Fernando Valley, San Diego, and San Marcos, our wide range of clientele has afforded us the opportunity to continually expand our knowledge of the materials on the market and the most impressive kitchen technology out there today. If you would like to speak to a professional about smart appliance options for your home, contact us today—we look forward to making your kitchen smarter.

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