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Ways To Restore Your Kitchen Countertops To Its Former Glory

by Elias Deukmajian | Kitchen Remodel

Are you thinking of ways to restore the countertop of your kitchen to its former glory and make it look clean and inviting once again? You’re in the right place! No matter what your countertop is made of – be it the sophisticated marble, tough quartz, budget-friendly laminate, timeless tile, or cozy wood – it’s completely normal for them to look a bit tired after years of use. We have some easy tips that you can use to rejuvenate your countertops and bring back the sparkle they had on the day you first installed them.

How To Restore Your Kitchen Countertop

  • Deep Cleaning: First things first, give your countertops a good clean. Pick a cleaner that’s safe for whatever your countertop is made of. This helps get rid of any old stains, stuff that’s stuck on, or general dirtiness. If you have a natural stone as your kitchen countertop material and there are stubborn stains that refuse to leave, you can try making a paste with baking soda and water to get it out.
  • Fix Any Small Damage: Got some little chips or cracks? You might be able to fix them yourself with a kit from the store, or you might need to call in someone who knows how, especially if it’s a big deal or your countertop is made of something like marble. There are special fillers, like epoxy or resin, that can make those chips or cracks pretty much disappear.
  • Make Them Shine Again: If your countertop is made of something like granite or marble, putting a new sealer on it can make it look shiny and new, and it helps keep stains away in the future. If what you have are laminate countertops, you can actually paint them or use a special product to make them look totally different.
  • Care for Wooden Countertops: If you have countertops made of wood, like a butcher block, you can sand them down to get rid of any scratches or marks. Once they’re smooth, rub some food-safe oil or sealant on them. This brings out the wood’s natural color and keeps it looking good.
  • Professional Polishing: If your countertops are made of stone like marble, granite, or quartz, you might want to think about getting someone who knows what they’re doing to give them a polish. This can help get rid of light scratches and bring back that shiny, new look you’ve always wanted.
  • Try a Stick-On Cover: For people who are on a very low budget and need to refine their countertops that are aged without spending a lot, you can try contact paper. It comes in all kinds of looks, like fake stone or wood, and can make your kitchen feel brand new in no time. The lifespan of stick-on covers can vary, generally lasting a few months to a few years with careful use and proper maintenance. They are more susceptible to wear, heat damage, and water ingress compared to traditional countertop materials. So, while stick-on covers can be a great temporary fix, they might not be the longest-lasting option if you’re looking for a long-term solution.

Regular Maintenance

After you’ve got your countertops looking nice, you’ll want to keep them that way. Make it a habit to clean them often. Use things like coasters so you don’t get stains, and try to always put something underneath to protect them from hot pots. If something spills, especially on tops that soak stuff up, clean it up quickly to avoid any stains setting in.

Kitchen Countertop Restoration

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