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Oval Bathtub

Should You Install An Oval Bathtub During Your Chatsworth Bathroom Renovation?

by Elias Deukmajian | Bathroom Remodel

Installing a new bathtub when you renovate your bathroom can be both a thrilling and daunting task at the same time. An oval bathtub should be your choice if you’re looking for a special treat. Oval bathtubs are elegant, give a spa-like experience, and can add to the appearance of your bathroom. However, the installation process needs proper planning and execution. Below are some handy tips to ease the process of fitting an oval bathtub during your bathroom redesign project.

Tips To Help You Install An Oval Bathtub

Plan Your Space

Before you get the oval bathtub, make sure you have enough room in your bathroom to accommodate it. Oval bathtubs come in different sizes, so it is necessary that you find one that is of the right size for the bathroom to prevent it from being congested. Take the time to look at the different layouts in your bathroom and figure out where the bathtub will go. Do not forget to provide enough space for other items, and make sure that the bathtub placement is comfortable.

Choose the Right Bathtub

The oval bathtubs come in different types such as free-standing, drop-in, and alcove models. Freestanding tubs are placed at any place in the bathroom and are not connected to any walls, which makes them eye-catching centerpieces. Drop-in tubs are built into a premade deck or platform and the alcove tubs are surrounded by three walls. Select the type that best suits your bathroom space and style.

Prepare the Plumbing

Check the bathroom plumbing to make sure it can carry the new bathtub. If you are replacing an old bathtub, the existing plumbing system might have to be tweaked in order to mount the new one. But if you plan to have the bathtub installed in a new location, you should plan the plumbing installation too in advance. Hiring a pro for this job would be the best because he can ensure that everything is done properly.

Level the Floor

An evenly distributed and perfectly level floor is a prerequisite for installing an oval bathtub. Make sure the floor where the tub will be settled is leveled. If the floor is not level, you may have to use a leveling compound or shims to fix it. This step will prevent the bathtub from rocking unnecessarily and stop the water in the tub from being uneven.

Secure the Bathtub

After the bath and floor are in order, the bathtub is now ready to be fixed in the position. For freestanding tubs, the tub has to be centered and stable, meanwhile, the drop-in or alcove tubs come with manufacturing instructions to fasten the bathtub to the floor or to the walls. To see whether it is the same on all sides, use a level before permanently fixing it.

Add the Final Touches

When the bathtub is installed and secured, add the finishing touches so that your bathroom renovation project can be completed. Install any other extra fixtures like a showerhead, faucet, or hand shower. You can include other accessories, such as a bathtub caddy, a bath pillow, or a fancy decoration to go with your new bathtub. This will increase the look and feel of your bathtub.

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