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Solid Wood Cabinets In Several Colors & Styles Starting at $8,950

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For over 20 years the expert staff at Kitchen Emporium have helped homeowners all throughout Southern California remodel and renovate their home’s kitchens and bathrooms with ease. Remodeling your home can become an expensive and time consuming process when left in the wrong hands but our expert and experienced contractors offer quality service using the most affordable materials possible. Kitchen Emporium offers wholesale materials for everything your kitchen or bathroom needs with a full line of customizable options perfectly suited to both update or completely redesign your room with the breath of fresh air you’re looking for. We have three locations across Southern California in central locations: We chose these locations so that no matter where you are there are affordable, quality renovation services available with just a phone call. Over the years your kitchen and bathroom fixtures can be subject to a lot of wear and tear so it’s understandable that when entering the remodeling process you want to choose products and materials that can withstand years of use without losing any luster. At Kitchen Emporium we’re proud to offer the biggest brands at wholesale, discount prices so that you can design the kitchen you want without worrying about cost.


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