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Smart Kitchen

Is a Smart Kitchen a Healthy Kitchen?

by Elias Deukmajian | Smart Kitchen

In today’s day and age, it is actually surprising how little prevalence high-tech technology has had in the kitchen. Almost every other part of a person’s home is filled with technological gadgets and gizmos that offer a wide variety of services and entertainment and many of these even link straight to the smart phones we carry with us everywhere that we go. Technology is everywhere and slowly but surely, it is making more of a high-tech appearance in the kitchen. From things like your stove and fridge, to coffee makers and other helpful gadgets, the kitchen is a place that technology is taking a step forward in.

  • In regards to a Smart Kitchen, you want to look for a technology that will significantly benefit you and what you do in your kitchen. One such thing is smart kitchen appliances, these appliances’ main selling point is about giving you remote access. For instance, there is a smart kitchen oven that connects via Wi-Fi so that you can set it from your phone to be preheated, which saves you meal preparation time. There is a crockpot that does the same thing and lets you control it while not being at home. There are some other Wi-Fi enabled appliances as well. There are coffee makers that you connect to through an app in your smartphone that allow you to program a coffee making schedule. There are even some coffee makers that have accessories like a motion switch that causes the coffee maker to start brewing you a cup o’ Joe the moment that you get out of bed. A refrigerator is now available that has cameras inside the fridge to allow you see what is stocked and what you may need to buy before you forget and leave the grocery store.

  • There are other appliances that work in almost the same way. For instance, General Electric has a line of smart kitchen appliances with their Chef Connect technology. This technology means that you can program certain recipes into the appliances’ profiles. You can even set it so that your oven turns off the moment you leave the house, or that it causes the lightbulbs to flash when your food is done cooking. There is also Bluetooth technology within these appliances that allow for them to communicate and sync with each other.

  • There are other helpful gadgets as well. Remote control access is one of the biggest features of this technology. Even just to double check if you left the oven on after you’ve left the house. There are even smart smoke alarms that now help to prevent false alarms when you just burn toast or a similar instance where there is no real danger. These alarms can also alert you through an app on your smartphone for when there is a real emergency that occurs. It can tell you what room the emergency is in and even to discern if the cause is a fire or carbon monoxide. You can then use the app to turn off the connected appliances, and even the heating system of the house if you have a Wi-Fi controlled thermostat.

  • There is even now a Bluetooth meat thermometer that you simply put in the food, on the grill or in the pot or pan you’re using while the food cooks. The meat thermometer then sends a notification to your smart phone to alert you that your food has reached its optimal temperature. This helps to take the guesswork and stress out of cooking meat and preparing it correctly before serving it just to realize it needs to be cooked longer.

  • Food Preparation with App Help
  • There are even different gadgets that help you to learn proper techniques and skills while cooking. There is a Bluetooth enabled frying pan that can help you while cooking by telling you when to adjust the temperature and whether to make it hotter or cooler. There is even a bake system that comes with a scale and mixing bowls, along with an app that you connect with on your smartphone to follow instructions on different baking processes. Home brewing is fairly common as well, as that is something that has not gone ignored in the smart kitchen industry. There is a homebrewer system that will connect to the internet to then download recipes and will preprogram itself in accordance with the recipe selected.

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