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Top 5 Kitchen Storage Solutions within a Low Budget in San Fernando Valley

by Elias Deukmajian | Kitchen Remodel

A common problem that most homeowners face is limited storage space in their kitchens. In smaller kitchens, there is rarely enough counter space to store the variety of kitchen utensils and accessories that a person owns. Many people find it difficult to solve this problem.

Frequently, kitchens are not optimized for storage and create stress for a homeowner. Since this is commonly the most used room in a house, kitchens should be customizable. Every cabinet, drawer, and countertop should serve a specific purpose, rather than randomly storing odds and ends. There are many ways to combat the problem of limited kitchen space, with many great options for lower budgets.

1. Cabinet Pull-Outs

When looking to organize lower cabinets, a good option for optimizing space is renovating them into drawers, but cabinet replacements can be expensive. A different way of conserving space is installing pull-out cabinet organizers. These can turn your lower cabinets into drawers without renovating the entire cabinet. You can easily find customizable pull-out organizers that will ensure all pots, pans, and cooking sheets are in their rightful places.

2. Free-standing Shelves

Often the biggest problem in having an organized kitchen is limiting the number of items on the countertops. Frequently countertops become cluttered and create stress for the homeowner. Some kitchens have limited counter space to begin with, but there are alternative ways to find space. One solution for housing odds and ends is free-standing shelves or cabinets.

Many kitchens have unused wall space, so having shelves can be a great alternative to house dishes, pans, or pantry items. Another benefit to this option is its flexibility. Since they are not attached to a wall, they can be moved to the optimal place in the room and are easy to install.

3. Deep Drawers

Typically, many people do not know how to organize their cabinets. Those lower cabinets usually become places to house pesky kitchen appliances that won’t fit anywhere else. It’s often difficult to see the items in the back of the cabinet, and even more difficult to find a permanent method of organization.

When encountering this problem, one option to consider is converting them into deep drawers. This new system will allow you to see all of the items in this space, as they are placed horizontally as opposed to vertically. Once you have drawers instead of cabinets, you can organize the space through drawer dividers. This is an easier option of creating an organized space that is specific to your home.

4. Backsplash Storage

The backsplash can be a perfect place to get creative with your kitchen storage. There are many ways to convert your backsplash to house items that would usually clutter your countertops. This option is completely customizable to your needs. A magnetic strip can be added to display knives, a new shelf can house all your cooking spices so they are easily reached, or you could hang baskets to store odds and ends that don’t seem to go anywhere else.

5. Utility Cart

Sometimes optimizing the storage of your cabinets can only go so far. If you were hoping for the storage that an island would provide but are looking to cut costs, a utility cart may be the best option. Having one of these is similar to building shelves, but it can be moved around to wherever you need it. Whether you need room for spices, towels, or wine, using a utility cart can be beneficial in freeing space on countertops and cabinets.

Expert Help for Kitchen Renovation

Ultimately, the kitchen in your home should be customized to your needs. Kitchens often create stress due to limited storage space, but there are options that you can choose to create a positive environment for cooking and baking.

Kitchen Pull-out Cabinet At Kitchen Emporium, we recognize that it is necessary to feel content in your kitchen. Many people are dissatisfied with the current organization of their kitchens, and we want to help. Kitchens should change to meet your needs and we are fully available to undergo any renovations to make your dream kitchen a reality.

Whether overhauling new cabinets or remodeling the entire space, we provide homeowners with custom-designed kitchens. Throughout the Southern California area including the San Fernando Valley, San Diego, and San Marcos, our experienced team offers quality, affordable renovations to ensure that every homeowner is satisfied with their kitchen. Call us or visit our shop today!

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