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Germy Kitchen

Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Free from Health Hazards from Professionals in San Diego

by Elias Deukmajian | Kitchen

If you’re anything like us, your kitchen is your sanctuary. It can be the place where you can spend relaxing time baking or trying new recipes, or it can be a place where you gather family and friends for special get-togethers. Because food is nourishment for the body and the soul, our kitchens have become the focal points of our homes. This means your kitchen should be comfortable, clean, and safe from any nasty health hazards that might expose your family and friends to harm.

If you’re worried that your kitchen might be at risk for health concerns, check out these tips for keeping things fresh and fabulous.

Health Hazards in the Kitchen

We all want to believe that once we clean our kitchen, it is well and truly clean. However, this is often not the case. Contaminants can hide in plain sight without us realizing and can cause sickness from seemingly nowhere.

Raw Meats, Fish, and Poultry

We don’t want to think about what could be lurking on our food before we’ve cooked it. The truth is that many of us don’t realize how many germs stick around long after our main protein sources have gone in to cook. Raw poultry can carry salmonella, which can put our families at risk. Raw meats and seafood can carry dangerous E.Coli, as well. The knives, tools, and cutting boards you use to prepare raw foods can become contaminated with these germs.

Dirty Hands

Our kids can be germy. If they grab things from the pantry or the refrigerator with dirty hands, they can leave behind all sorts of bacteria that can then make it into our food without us realizing. It can also happen if you decide to cut or clean meat and forget to wash your hands not only before but afterwards. All that bacteria transfers from your hands to whatever you’re preparing next without detection. It is also now on your hand towel or apron.

Dirty Utensils, Surfaces, and Appliances

Bacteria are tricky business and can travel very quickly from one place to the next. If your knife or your cutting board was used to cut up meat or even vegetables that haven’t been thoroughly washed, they can become hotbeds for bacteria if not sanitized correctly. Dirty hands from sickness, contaminated surfaces, or by touching pets can transfer bacteria to whatever we prepare in the kitchen. Also, the refrigerator door handles, countertops, and faucets can become part of the problem.

How to Prevent A Germy Kitchen

Don’t panic. We are here to help with a few simple and easy tips. Your kitchen will be free of health-hazards and you can keep on cooking and enjoying your happy space.

Thoroughly Sanitize Your Kitchen

You may be cleaning your kitchen regularly, but are you sanitizing it? Make sure to use a bacteria-killing solution on all surfaces if you regularly work with meat or have pets or children. This means countertops, stove knobs, pantry door handles, even the handle of your microwave needs sanitizing. There are natural cleaners as well, if you prefer chemical-free products. Anything that is touched regularly should be sanitized often to avoid the spread of germs and foodborne illnesses.

Disinfect All Appliances, Utensils, and Surfaces

Cutting boards, knives, and kitchen surfaces are prone to cross-contamination when you’re working with meat or unwashed items. Use the sterilization setting in your dishwasher if possible. Disinfecting wipes can be an easy way to clean all surfaces and appliances you use regularly.

Wash Hands Often

Once you’ve touched raw meat or unwashed vegetables, your impeccably clean hands become rife with bacteria. If you’re cooking while you’re sick, if you are handling pets, or if you are working with contaminants, make sure to wash regularly through the cooking process, and not just a quick rinse under the streaming water. Use soap and take your time to thoroughly clean your fingers, thumbs, and under your nails. You don’t have to be obsessive; simply be wise about it.

Kitchen Sanitization

Kitchen Emporium Can Help

At Kitchen Emporium, we take your love for your kitchen seriously. You want a clean kitchen, but you also want a comfortable place to relax and enjoy. We know your kitchen is a hub of activity, so why not make sure your countertops, cabinets, and fixtures are up to the task.

We use quality materials in a variety of designs to suit your individual taste. We also offer free financing and no interest on purchases for 6 months with no strings attached. We love serving our community in Southern California, including the San Fernando Valley, San Diego, and San Marcos. Now that your kitchen is clean and hazard-free, we want you to fall in love with how it looks and functions. Call today for a free consultation so you can get started with your remodel.

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