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Budget Kitchen Makeover

Smart Ideas for Kitchen Makeover on Budget

by Elias Deukmajian | Kitchen

In today’s booming real estate market homeowners are looking for opportunities to upgrade their homes to get the most out of their investment. Kitchens are the number one area in a home chosen for remodels because they have a high return rate on resale values. But kitchen remodels don’t always pan out the way you hope they will; it’s easy to overspend on budget when unforeseen problems arise or materials wind up needing to be custom-ordered. It is helpful to go over a design plan with professionals who are familiar with kitchen remodels before diving into the expenses. Remodeling on a tight budget doesn’t have to feel impossible—there are plenty of low-budget options available that the proper design plan will allow for. Performing a kitchen makeover properly doesn’t have to entail a huge overhaul in design; usually updating a few pieces in your kitchen can make it into a more contemporary, attractive space with much higher value. Kitchen remodels can cost upwards of 20,000 dollars with all the bells and whistles, but a proper kitchen makeover can be just as effective and cost easily half the price. Here are a few smart ideas for a kitchen makeover on a budget:

Hire specialists

Rebuilding a kitchen from the ground-up usually isn’t one of the ways to save money; however, making sure that the basic foundational elements of your kitchen are properly installed is the first step toward creating a more efficient kitchen space. Plumbing, gas lines, and electric work should all be done in the initial phases of the process so that you can be sure the kitchen functions well. It doesn’t matter how beautiful the kitchen turns out—if the appliances or plumbing doesn’t work, that’s a huge problem. To tackle these issues, you will need to hire professionals who are familiar with plumbing, gas, and electrical work. This is where things can get a little hairy sometimes—it isn’t uncommon to run into a few issues during this phase, so allow for some room in your budget in case of emergencies.

Make little changes in cabinets if needed

Now that we’ve got the basics down, you can begin focusing on other more design-oriented elements. One of the best ways to update a kitchen is to look at the overall aesthetic. Cabinetry adds a large amount of appeal and function to a kitchen if done properly, but it can be expensive to replace an entire kitchen full of cabinets. If your existing cabinets are in good shape and work well for your kitchen, you may be able to replace the cabinet faces or hardware alone and make it more current looking. If you do need to replace the cabinetry, consult with a professional kitchen remodel business that can get you a good deal on updated cabinetry. Avoid some of the embellishments to keep the costs low.

Bring in right appliances

Lastly, homebuyers are especially interested in kitchens that have updated, matching appliances. Kitchen appliances can be expensive, but there are many excellent brands that routinely offer good deals on matching sets. A new fridge, stove, microwave, dishwasher, and oven can all add up to a huge bill, but it is important to keep in mind that updating a kitchen without updating the appliances may be a moot point. Look for a remodel business to help you set your budget initially so you know what you can afford. New appliances are key in a kitchen remodel, so it’s helpful to plan accordingly.

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Kitchen remodels, along with any other home renovation can be stressful; it is a time-consuming process that requires a lot of detail-oriented decision-making, money, and energy. Finding a professional remodel business that is highly experienced and reputable will be a huge help to your remodel project and keep your budget intact. The professionals here at Kitchen Emporium have helped families in communities that span across all of Southern California, whether you’re from the San Fernando Valley, San Diego, or San Marcos areas, we have experts nearby that can help you plan your kitchen remodel on a budget. We frequently offer outstanding deals on complete kitchen remodels as well as granite countertop materials and installations. Contact us today for a consultation—we can’t wait to help you get your remodel off the ground.

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