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How Remodeling Your Kitchen Can Increase Home Value

by Elias Deukmajian | Kitchen Emporium

Whether your family has outgrown your current home or there are other contributing reasons to sell, when selling your home you want to maximize your profit as much as you can.

In addition to addressing all the little wear and tear that accumulates over the years of living in your home, some owners choose to remodel areas of the home in an effort to add value.

One room that can help you increase your home value the most is the kitchen. While remodeling bedrooms and bathrooms are proven to help with adding value, remodeling your kitchen, when done right, can greatly add value to your home. When we consider how much time is spent in the kitchen, making it seem modern and new while maintaining a cozy and comfortable atmosphere is an easy and proven way to help the value of your home.

Here are some of the quickest and simplest methods that will keep your renovation costs low, help increase the value of your home and catch the eye of interested buyers.

i- A Small-Scale Remodel- The phrase remodel usually inspires images of extensive and expensive processes that can take months and keep you from selling longer. However, to add value to your kitchen, you can just make a few smaller upgrades and positively impact the value for a fraction of the cost. Even simply just changing the paint in the kitchen or painting a new finish on your cabinets will help provide a jolt of life to your kitchen and help it look new.

ii- Stay Away From Deluxe Upgrades- Considering the rest of the home is essential to helping you from spending more money than you need to. Putting an expensive and cutting-edge kitchen that doesn’t fit the theme or feeling of the rest of the house or even the other houses in the neighborhood can actually be detrimental to the selling process.

iii- Stick With the Theme- Knowing the general theme and feel of your home and even the other homes on your street and in your neighborhood will help you when choosing materials for renovation. Giving your home a specific design and theme will help keep the home uniform and memorable.

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iv- Stainless Steel- As your appliances age and need replacing, switching to stainless steel will keep your kitchen looking sleek and modern. Stainless steel will also usually help catch the attention of potential homebuyers, making it a worthwhile upgrade.

v- Renovate Within Your Means- Average costs for minor kitchen renovations hover at about $19,000 but an unsightly and dated kitchen in an otherwise modern and renovated home can significantly impact buyer’s opinions. However, adding a $75,000 remodeled kitchen to your home won’t necessarily add $75,000 more to your home’s value, so while it may seem most logical to redo the whole kitchen, picking and choosing a few renovations to make will keep your costs low and entice buyers by looking modern and updated.

vi- Think Traditional- Some surefire ways to interest potential buyers while adding value is to go a more traditional route when choosing cabinets and countertops. Classic choices like all wood cabinets along with stone floors and countertops will provide conventional yet eye-catching features that help increase the overall value of the kitchen.

vii- Energy Efficient Appliances- One thing that potential homebuyers will always be looking at is ways buying your home will help them save money. Buying a home is an expensive endeavor and adding something to your kitchen like updating to energy-efficient appliances will help buyers find your home more cost efficient and could in turn increase its’ value.

In most homes the kitchen is one of the main vocal points of the entire house, whether it’s hosting events or the usual family meals and gatherings, having a nice and bright kitchen is an important part of every home.

When you’re in the process of trying to sell yours, making a few slight renovations and additions to the kitchen can be a great way to increase your home’s overall value. It’s important to consider a number of factors before starting any renovations or remodels but the benefits that even something as simple as new paint or cabinet finishes can have in the minds of potential buyers for your home.

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