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Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling Tips

by Elias Deukmajian | Kitchen Remodel

Remodeling the kitchen is an endeavor that can be memorable for all the right or wrong reasons depending on a wide variety of factors. Depending on your budget, you may be looking to do everything using cheaper materials or looking for inexpensive installation costs or doing it yourself. One aspect of the kitchen remodel that always requires extra attention to detail are the kitchen cabinets that you choose. Whether you’re looking to remodel just the cabinets or want to redo the entire kitchen to fit your dream kitchen, consider these tips to help maximize your cabinet space while not consuming the entire budget with just the cabinets.

Tips to maximize cabinet space economically

  • Avoid Using Corners– Whether they’re cabinets that are up on the walls or cabinets and drawers under the countertop, you can maximize the functionality of your cabinets by planning for the kitchen door’s clearance and swing direction when initially designing the kitchen remodel. By keeping appliances away from the corners you’ll avoid inconveniences when using them or opening the doors and planning ahead will make sure that no issues exist such as the kitchen door opening into one of the cabinet doors if opened at the same time.

  • Break Up the Monotony– One method that many homeowners fall into is heavy blocks of drawers and cabinets that quite frankly can be pretty boring. A good way to mix this up and give your kitchen distinct cabinets and a breath of fresh air is by choosing little features like glass doors or display shelving. You can even sacrifice one cabinet for an alternative display like wine shelving, this will keep the kitchen from looking like every other kitchen available.

  • Consider the Layout of the Room– If you’re working with a smaller area, using dark color schemes with the remodel and with your cabinets specifically will make the room appear to shrink even more and can make the overall feeling of the room less inviting. Using soft, off-white shades and cream colors for cabinets along with the aid of natural light will help create the illusion that a small kitchen space is bigger.

  • Make One Aspect the Focal Point– While you may be considering various patterns or combinations, one way to keep the kitchen looking clean and well organized is by choosing one centerpiece in terms of pattern and allowing the other pieces to compliment the main one. Whether you choose to make the cabinets, countertops or floor the bold center of attention, coloring the other ones with subtle and muted complimentary shades will give the overall kitchen a more distinguished and memorable appearance.

  • Consider The Budget and Size of the Remodel– Are you only remodeling or replacing the cabinets or is the entire kitchen going to be reconstructed? How much of the overall budget are you willing to spend to get the exact color and type of cabinets you want? These are just two of the critical questions to consider before even beginning a remodel for your kitchen. Knowing what you want and what you’re looking for before you even get started will actually help you keep the costs down. Dedicating a percentage of the budget to each aspect of the remodel will help you make sure that you can make the necessary remodel choices you want to for your kitchen while remodeling one piece at a time will help you choose exactly the types of materials and styles that you want, it may take longer than the traditional remodel but ensuring you get exactly what you want will help prevent any further remodels being necessary any time soon.

Kitchen Hanging Cabinet


It’s important before diving into something as massive as a kitchen remodel that you consider every aspect that will be remodeled. Extensive planning and budgeting beforehand can lead to a much smoother and cheaper remodel process. When it comes to your cabinets that you’re choosing, it’s important that you consider both style and functionality. You want to have a design and material for your cabinets that fits the rest of the kitchen but also provides the necessary space and storage that your kitchenware needs. By considering your options and researching various types of cabinet and layout, you’ll be able to get your dream kitchen that much faster.

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