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Choosing the Right Kitchen Cabinets

by Elias Deukmajian | Kitchen Emporium

Whether it’s dinner parties or daily family meals, one room we spend more time in than most others is the kitchen. It can make or break deciding to buy a new home and to some homeowners, a happy and bright kitchen is all they want.

Remodeling your kitchen is an extensive but rewarding process that will help you make your home the house of your dreams. Kitchen cabinets play a large part in remodeling the kitchen no matter the size or space that you have to work with. Old or discolored cabinets or broken and creaky cabinets can drag the overall feeling of the kitchen down. Before you start remodeling your kitchen cabinets though, it’s important to consider your options to maximize and enhance the space available to you in your kitchen.

Here are a few things to take into consideration to help choose the right kitchen cabinets for your space.

Small Space? Get Creative! Even if your kitchen isn’t the largest room in the house, it doesn’t mean it can’t appear larger. Choosing the right cabinets can go a long way in helping your kitchen space look bigger. Here are a few tips for cabinet selections that can make a smaller kitchen look bigger.

i- Choosing white cabinets is a great, low key way to make the kitchen appear bigger as it will make the walls appear further out along with also reflecting light to give the room a bigger sense of space.

ii- Picking one or two muted colors for your cabinets and kitchen will also help focus attention on the cabinets and furniture itself while drawing attention away from the walls and any lack of space.

iii- Replacing the cabinet doors with glass is a good way to make people look past the cabinet frames so the walls will feel a bit further away. However, this is usually most effective when the inside of the cabinets is uncluttered and organized.

iv- It’s important to remember that you can always stack cabinets on each other as opposed to having deeper cabinets. Using all of the space available along the walls without having cabinets jutting too far out will help your kitchen appear less cluttered and cramped.

Beautiful Kitchen

If you have more space to work with though and want your new cabinets to enhance the overall appearance and theme of your kitchen, there are great tricks to help the entire kitchen fit a unique and eye-catching design.

i- Start with the Cabinets– Kitchen cabinets are usually the backbone of the kitchen as the majority of space will be taken up by cabinets and the color and design can set the overall tone for the kitchen. Knowing the wood style and finish you want your cabinets to have will help you choose tile and countertops that will complement the cabinets and the kitchen as a whole.

ii- Maximize Space– Railed kitchen cabinets are most common in the U.S. but there are other styles that will help reduce unusable space. European style cabinets are frameless and as a result give you more storage space to work with. You can also maximize available space by getting pie-corner cabinets, they pull that blind corner space out and help you utilize it much easier.

iii- Expensive Doesn’t Always Mean Best– The highest price cabinets don’t always mean they’re the best. It’s easy to find quality cabinets that will have extra storage features like spice racks or Lazy Susans without paying for higher end luxury cabinets.

iv- Don’t Forget the Hardware– It’s a small touch but if you’re looking for your kitchen to look and feel complete, choosing a type of hardware for your cabinet handles that match the rest of the kitchen drawers and cupboards is an intricate detail that will receive plenty of attention.

Whether your kitchen is large and expansive or a bit smaller and cozy, there are plenty of options to consider when installing new kitchen cabinets. Finding the right fit and style of cabinets is an important step to enhancing or maximizing as much space available as possible. Considering the rest of the work you have planned for your kitchen is also a great way to find cabinets that will help complement the entire space, leaving you with a kitchen you adore and all of your guests will envy.

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