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How to Clean Your Kitchen Sink Effectively

by Elias Deukmajian | House CleaningKitchen

Kitchen sinks are frequently used in the average household to clean dishes, raw meats, and mechanic hands. It is critical to keep your kitchen sink as clean as possible, because it can be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Cleaning a kitchen sink might seem easy, but knowing what products to use and the method you utilize to go about cleaning the sink could help prevent damage to the material that your sink is made of. There are many different types of kitchen sinks from ceramic to stainless steel—and therefore there will be different methods you should use to clean them; not one cleaning method fits all. Here are the basic steps that you should work through when cleaning your kitchen sink:

Clear it out

Before you attempt to clean your sink, you should be sure to clear it out of dishes and debris. Start by cleaning all the dishes in the sink, or loading the dishwasher. Then, remove any larger, visible food particles by throwing them in the trash, not running them down the drain—this will help with drain care which we’ll talk about in a moment. It is important that there is absolutely nothing left in your sink before you begin the deeper cleaning, as whatever products you use could damage the dishes, and it is simply more efficient to clean an empty sink.

Rinse and wash

After everything is removed from the sink, you can now begin the cleaning process. Start by rinsing the entire sink thoroughly with hot water. Most sink types can be cleaned with regular dish soap, but for a more thorough cleaning you might want to use heavier products. Depending on your sink type, it is generally not recommended that you use rough cleaning materials like steel wool scrubbers or coarse brushes. Some people recommend to use a partial baking soda and lemon juice mixture to get the best result, but you should check with a professional beforehand. Using abrasive chemicals or materials to clean a porcelain sink, for instance, could damage the sink. However, sometimes homeopathic approaches are the best, cheapest way to maintain your sink’s shine and cleanliness.

Drain care

There are many ways to clean your kitchen sink drain, and there isn’t only one right way. However, you should avoid putting large objects like lemon rinds down the drain or garbage disposal to eliminate smells—this could cause serious damage to the garbage disposal and leave chunks of debris in the drain that can rot and, ironically, begin to leave a foul odor over time. In fact, it couldn’t hurt to purchase an extra drain strainer that will catch most of the food particles that would otherwise make it down your drain. Over time, food buildup can cause clogs and lead to expensive repairs, so finding a preventive method that works best for your lifestyle is important.

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The professionals at Kitchen Emporium serve a vast array of clientele in the San Fernando Valley area, as well as the other Southern California areas of San Marcos and San Diego, CA. We make it our goal to help clients through every aspect of kitchen remodeling, right down to how to clean the sink properly. Continued care of your kitchen is critical in order to maintain the value of your home, so we don’t cut any corners when helping clients find answers and solutions that will work best for them. As licensed contractors, we’ve been doing this for a while, and we know that the key to success is a healthy business relationship with good communication and responsiveness. Continually increasing customer service is our priority here, and we enjoy forming lasting relationships with our clients. If you aren’t sure how to go about cleaning your kitchen sink, contact us before you start; you may need special products and materials in order to adequately clean it, and we can help you locate the right resources at affordable prices. We even know some of the most common homeopathic remedies that you can put together right in your own kitchen. Our goal is to eliminate cost wherever we can for clients, without sacrificing quality. Get in touch with us today for more tips on how to best clean your specific kitchen sink type.

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