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Modern Kitchen

How to Choose the Best Kitchen Styles Suitable For You

by Elias Deukmajian | Kitchen Remodel

Remodeling your kitchen is always an exciting time. You inevitably want to rush to the hardware store and pick out everything from the tiles to the appliances for your upgrade. But before you get started, it is important to first settle on what kitchen style is best suited for you and your lifestyle.

You want something that will allow you to utilize every aspect of the space, and that depends on your personal preferences and the existing architecture of your kitchen area.  A kitchen is an important place in every household. Sometimes it’s a place for meals, maybe a drink, and definitely a snack where you can converse and gather together in a comfortable setting.

There are different types of kitchen styles, and each one caters to a different personality and demographic. Take a look at the following styles to see if one style jumps out at you more than the others. That style should be the basis for your entire kitchen remodel.

Modern Kitchen

The modern kitchen is minimalistic and reminiscent of what you would see on an episode of your favouritetv show. The centerpieces for the modern kitchen are the shiny silver appliances that decorate the area, really showing them off.

If you are a mom with a lot of cooking to do, perhaps a modern kitchen with a marble island is what you need. An island provides an area for you to prepare meals and serve them to your family quickly. This also allows your family to eat around the island if a traditional kitchen table isn’t always the spot meals are eaten.

The modern kitchen avoids some details like fancy wooden moldings and prefers a sleek and chic aesthetic over knobs and handles.

Traditional Kitchen

The traditional kitchen is more of what you would expect when you think about countryside vacations, baking delicious foods, and relaxing with family and friends. It is something you picture in a quaint English cottage or a small town. Traditional kitchens almost always feature wood, so you will be picking out wooden cabinets and doors with accent handles for your new and improved kitchen. You would likely choose a Belfast sink and enjoy a comfortable backsplash that brings even more life into your kitchen.

The traditional kitchen usually is a room where a lot of cooking takes place. This works better if your kitchen space has countertops for preparing foods and plenty of cupboards and space for the nice cutlery and cookware. You may opt for fancy crown molding as a finishing touch.

Transitional Kitchen

Another option is a transitional kitchen, where you take your favorite parts from the modern and traditional kitchen and make it your own. It is a mix of classic and contemporary which allows for the user to create the custom kitchen of their dreams.

You can still have the warm and cozy look of the traditional wooden cupboards and cabinet doors but perhaps opt for a sleek and streamlined induction-style stovetop. Another option is to add glass to your cabinet doors for a more modern touch.

What’s Suitable for You

You want to think about functionality in a kitchen since it is a space for baking, cooking, and food preparation. You do not want to design spaces for things you will not use, such as a wine refrigerator if you don’t consume alcohol. Conversely, if you want to focus on baking, you may want to incorporate a double oven. If you like stovetop pastas and meals which require large sinks for pots and pans, you can design it to suit your need for a pot-filler faucet. Take what you know about your kitchen goals and your lifestyle and build on top of that.

Kitchen Remodeling You also want to consider your budget. A full top to bottom kitchen renovation is quite expensive, so you may want to swap out a few pieces or appliances at a time. Opt for changes that express your vibe in the kitchen without sacrificing any utility.

If you have more questions, our friendly staff at Kitchen Emporium is well-versed and ready to help. We serve Southern California areas, including the San Fernando Valley, San Diego, and San Marcos. So, come in to speak to us, and let’s get started on revamping your kitchen and giving it a new life!

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