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Custom Kitchen Remodeling

Popular Custom Kitchen Remodel Designs by the Experts of San Fernando Valley

by Elias Deukmajian | Kitchen Remodel

Whether you are interested in a small or large kitchen remodel, finding the right design for your space is important. Popular custom kitchen remodel designs can be found all over the internet. The direction you need to take will depend on your personal taste and the size of the room.

Kitchen remodels can be something as simple as changing the wall color and lighting fixtures, to a large remodel that requires replacing all the cabinets and counters. Let’s take a deeper dive into considerations for your next kitchen remodel.

Top Reasons for Kitchen Remodels

Your kitchen is one of the most used rooms in your home and should be a place that you enjoy. Kitchens are often places for family gatherings and entertainment. They should be warm and inviting, yet functional. We’ve made a list of the top reasons for kitchen remodels:

Fix existing problems

As your kitchen ages, it sees a lot of wear and tear such as peeling paint, cracked tiles, and damaged cabinets. A remodel will allow you to get rid of these unsightly problems and install a fresh look.

Make it Modern

An outdated kitchen can be embarrassing and uninviting. A modern kitchen remodel can give you a room that you can be proud of and want to show off.

Energy Saving

Energy savings are a major reason for kitchen remodels. Old appliances use a lot of electricity. You can also add skylights to bring in natural light.

Improve Layout and Functionality

Awkward kitchen layouts can often be improved to open up doorways and enlarge small countertops. You can even install an island with a second sink or a wine refrigerator. Remodels can improve the flow of your kitchen and give it a more purposeful functionality.

Make More Room

As families grow, the need for more room is often needed. A modern kitchen remodel can add more seating at a bar, give you more countertop space and cabinets, or give you the convenience of larger appliances.

Special Needs

Sometimes kitchen remodels are needed to make things easier for disabled family members. You can make your kitchen more functional for those with special needs by installing lower cabinets, lowering the countertops, and increasing room to make it easy for wheelchairs and walkers to have kitchen accessibility.

Current Popular Design Trends

Kitchen designs have changed tremendously over the years. With new innovative designs and space-saving features, current design styles are changing with the times. The once favored all-white white kitchen with subway tiles is declining in popularity. Today’s design trends are a little more daring and welcoming.

Some of the current popular design trends include dark cabinets. White is out and dark is in. If you do have white cabinets, you can add a touch of color by installing colorful appliances.

Smart Kitchen technology can make your life easier. It is not only for computers and smartphones, as it can be installed in your kitchen as well. Smart kitchens often have technology integrated into the lightning and appliances.

Ceramic tiles are replacing hardwood floors. Tiles are available in a wide variety of textures, sizes and designs.

Hardware is no longer necessary on cabinets. Streamlined designs are rising in popularity. Using handleless cabinets and drawers will make your kitchen look more streamlined.

Backsplashes can make a huge difference in your kitchen. Subway tiles are out as decorative backsplashes add color and texture. The patterns and color choices are endless. The backsplash you choose will add a personal touch to your kitchen.

Instead of having one large open plan design, break the area up. Kitchens no longer have to be part of your living room. Instead use large double doors or large pieces of furniture to separate your kitchen from the rest of the house.

Natural lighting can make your kitchen more welcoming and can save you money on your electricity bill. Adding windows and skylights will brighten up your room and bring the benefits of the outdoors into your house.

Ways to Customize Your Kitchen

No matter what current design trends are, if you do not like them, you will not like your kitchen. When designing your kitchen, do what you like. Do not let current design trends dictate your final kitchen design. Let them inspire you and give you direction to fulfill your creative desires.

A few other ways to personalize your kitchen:
  • change your faucet
  • add color
  • replace cabinet hardware
  • update lighting fixtures
  • replace countertops
  • replace kitchen cabinets
  • add an island
  • change the flooring
  • replace the sink
  • add a backsplash
  • incorporate decorative molding
Kitchen Ceramic Floor Tiles Installation

Call the Kitchen Experts in San Fernando Valley

When remodeling your kitchen, it is important you get what you want. If you are interested in a kitchen remodel, contact the experts at Kitchen Emporium. We can transform your existing kitchen into the kitchen of your dreams.

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