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by Elias Deukmajian | Bathroom RemodelKitchen Remodel

Countertops not only offer flair, elegance, and class to kitchens and bathrooms, but they also have functional advantages. Other advantages of having a countertop include providing a work surface extension and extra storage space for homeowners.

It can be challenging to accessorize your counter, especially if you don’t have a lot of space, but it is not impossible. Grouping related objects together is one method to tactfully adorn your countertops, but this article will introduce you to some modern countertop accessories for your kitchen and bathroom to help you achieve the look and organization you want!

Countertop Accessories

Modern kitchen countertops tend to have fewer items on display than traditional kitchen styles. Below are a few of the more common items:

  • Jars and Canisters: On your countertop, jars canisters are ideal for keeping small items tidy and accessible. Glass canisters with a tan tint make wonderful selections. Flour, sugar, pasta, noodles, nuts, cookies, biscuits, cereal, and any other favorite food or ingredient can be stored in them.
  • Utensil Crock: A utensil crock is a compact container for storing your most often used cooking tools. A utensil crock sitting on your countertop beside your cooker makes it easy to find your cooking tools without having to dig through your drawers.
  • Coffee Station: Having a cup of coffee is one of the perks of having your own kitchen. Incorporating a coffee station on your counter is a brilliant idea. It’s cozy, smells good, and looks sophisticated. Your coffee station should include the coffee or espresso maker, coffee mugs, sugar, and any accessories needed, like a Keurig pod carousel, etc.
  • Tiered Stands: Tiered stands have more layers than flat-surfaced kitchen trays, allowing you to store a lot more items. They appear stunning when styled to compliment the rest of the kitchen’s decor.
  • Magnetic Knife Block: Knife blocks made of magnetic material help keep blades sharp. Magnetic blocks are compact and can be placed on your kitchen countertop without taking up too much space. They are a simple and effective way to organize and store your knives to keep them within reach, and they’re attractive too!
  • Flowers: Plants on your kitchen countertop provide a touch of nature into your space while also looking beautiful!

Modern Countertop Accessories For Your Bathroom

  • Soft Lighting: A lamp is not only a beautiful ornamental piece that can wonderfully tie any room together, including the bathroom, but it is also instrumental. A table lamp will add glitz to your bathroom while also providing mellow layered lighting.
  • Towel Basket: This will be within reach to you and your guests, and it is also a great way to use some fun decorations on your bathroom countertop. Baskets made out of ceramic, wood, or clay are excellent choices.
  • Jars with Bows, Paintings, or Decals: Keeping and organizing your essentials in an antique or decorated jar gives a stylish accent to your bathroom countertop and keeps your daily supplies easily accessible.
  • Fresh Flowers: Fresh flowers on your bathroom countertop will liven the area. It is also a perfect way to add some cheerfulness to your bathroom.
  • Miniature Pots and Bowls: Pots and bowls can be used as decor pieces! You can fill them with candles, potpourri, or other decorative items. The style can help unify the bathroom while also utilizing a pop of color and flair if you so choose!
Modern Kitchen Countertop Installation

Modern Countertop Accessories From Experts in San Fernando Valley

You can easily accessorize your kitchen or bathroom countertops to add flair and style to these essential areas. When displaying countertop accessories, it is important to use items that are functional, aesthetic, and clutter-free. You always want your items at home to work for you, even if they are simply decoration. By utilizing functional accessories, you can have both style and performance!

Kitchen Emporium’s experts understand how vital it is to have a functional kitchen and bathroom countertop given how much time you spend in each room. We will work closely with you to achieve the exact look you desire. Kitchen Emporium has been serving residents in Southern California in the San Fernando Valley area, San Diego, and San Marcos for over 20 years. Call us today for a free consultation or to speak with our friendly staff!

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