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Stained Kitchen Cabinet

Solutions for Stained Kitchen Cabinets in San Fernando Valley

by Elias Deukmajian | Kitchen

Having damaged or stained cabinets can be an eyesore. The kitchen is where you probably spend a decent chunk of your day, so with damaged kitchen cabinets, it can be difficult to fully enjoy your day. You may also feel embarrassed in front of company if you aren’t happy with the way your home looks. Repairing or replacing your stained kitchen cabinets can help improve your quality of life and reduce stress.

Damage That Can Occur to Your Kitchen Cabinets

There are many things that can lead to damaged and stained kitchen cabinets. Some of these kinds of damages cannot be prevented. However, some can be avoided, which can help your cabinets look brand new for a long time.

1. Heat damage

Exposure to excess heat can stress the wood of your cabinets and cause damage. This can help be avoided by opening a window and turning on the oven fan while cooking.

2. Water damage

Many things can cause water damage, including a leak in the kitchen, humidity, and oil or water splashes from cooking. Fans and dehumidifiers can help reduce the amount of damage.

3. Damage from smoke

Smoke from cooking can rise up and stick to your wood cabinets. This can lead to a discoloration of the cabinet. When cooking it is important to use your oven and stove fan to help minimize this threat.

4. Damage from pests

Pests can chew through the wood of your cabinets and cause serious damage. It is important to keep those pests out of your cabinets to avoid damage.

Having a habit of turning on oven/stove fans while cooking can help reduce the amount of damage being done to your cabinets and may help avoid discoloration. Also, by simply wiping away splatters of water and oil from cooking once you are done can help keep your cabinets healthy. However, leaks and other kinds of damage is often less preventable. Though damage may occur, thankfully there are ways to repair or replace your kitchen cabinets if needed.

Solutions For Fixing Stained/Damaged Cabinets

There are several ways to repair damaged or stained cabinets. These methods can get your kitchen back to the enjoyable space it once was.

1. Wax paste

A wax paste can be used to remove shallow water stains from the surface of your cabinets.

2. Re-staining cabinets

If the discoloration or damage to your cabinets are minor, simply renewing the wood stain on your cabinets could work.

3. Filling in dents

Dents in the cabinet can be filled with putty or something similar and then re-stained to match the rest of the cabinet.

4. Replacing the cabinets

Sometimes the damage to the cabinets is just too advanced for repairs. Though replacing your kitchen cabinets can seem overwhelming, it can give your kitchen a new fresh feel and give you complete creative control over how you want your kitchen to look.

Though some of these repair options seem simple, the phrase “if you want something done right, do it yourself” doesn’t always ring true. Doing a repair incorrectly can lead to more unintended damage, so don’t hesitate to contact a qualified professional.

Kitchen Cabinet Selection

Where You Can Call to Have Your Cabinets Repaired

Kitchen Emporium is a highly trusted home renovation company that specializes in kitchen and bathroom spaces. Kitchen Emporium works hard to relieve your stress during their repair and replacement process by keeping you in the loop each step of the way. At the Kitchen Emporium, we understand that the kitchen is a huge part of your day. Damaged cabinets can make otherwise calming tasks, like cooking and entertaining guests, a stressful and frustrating experience. Kitchen Emporium wants to get you back to a place where you can enjoy every part of your day again.

Kitchen Emporium has two primary locations: in Chatsworth, CA in the San Fernando Valley and another in San Diego. Though that is where they are physically located, Kitchen Emporium helps renovate bathrooms in the greater Southern California area, including San Marcos. If you are in or around these areas, trust Kitchen Emporium to get your kitchen back to a room you enjoy spending time in.

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