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Should I Invest in Kitchen Remodeling Before Selling My Home?

by Elias Deukmajian | Kitchen Remodel

When people decide to start looking for a new home, usually the first thing on their wish list is “a big kitchen”. What people usually mean is not necessarily a “big” kitchen, but a functional, efficient, and beautiful kitchen. Unless your kitchen was born a design unicorn right from the start, you may have a problem on your hands if you ever intend on selling your house. When you finally decide to bite the bullet and go for the kitchen remodel, you may realize that it is one of the more costly renovations for homeowners to undertake. This is not to say that you won’t get the return on your investment; in fact, kitchen remodels are usually one of the best improvements in regard to investment returns that homeowners can make, along with windows and roof replacements.

Take help from professionals

Kitchen remodels aren’t always easy; they can present huge issues when it comes to electrical and plumbing, structural changes, and the cost of materials can become astronomical. All of these issues can be avoided if you choose to enlist the help of kitchen remodel professionals when you finally decide to take on the project of remodeling your kitchen. Making updates to your home over the years that you live there is a great way to protect your investment, and also a great way to get the most enjoyment out of your home possible. It isn’t always easy to know where to begin, and that’s where the professionals come in.

Decide the budget

One of the first places to begin when remodeling your home is deciding on a budget. If you want to get the best return on your investment, as in 100% or more, then you must be careful in setting your cash limit on the expenses. If you do not have a great amount of experience designing or contracting remodeling projects, then it is wise to outsource that help elsewhere. Most people think that by hiring professionals to help you with your design project will only add to the budget and take away form spending money where it really counts—the materials. However, this has been proven to be simply not true.

Experts will help you to save money

Experts who have loads of experience with kitchen remodels have access to the best resources for materials. Furthermore, they are great at working within your budget to make sure you don’t go over, and get the best return on your investment in the long run. So, don’t feel like you have to take the whole project on yourself to spend the least and make the most—it will be overall more beneficial to allow the professionals decide how to save you the most money; after all, they’re the experts.

Make smart choices

Making smart choices when it comes to kitchen remodels is what will save you money on the project and get you a full return in the end. Although you may have a vision in your mind of what your “dream” kitchen looks like, it may not meet your budget requirements. If you’re willing to spend a little extra on the frivolous appliances or high-quality countertops and new cabinetry, then by all means. However, you may find that the cost of each of those materials exceeds the limit for the cutoff point of getting the best return.

Kitchen After Remodeling


It may be helpful to take a look around your neighborhood at the homes that are already for sale; look specifically at the materials they used in renovations, what price the house is selling for, and do a wide comparison of all the homes in your area. You may find that people generally don’t go overboard in some areas, while in other neighborhoods lavish kitchens may be the expected norm. Spending your money wisely and doing your research before making a huge investment in a kitchen remodel is what will get you the return when you finally decide to sell. Making improvements in the areas that really matter first, such as windows, roofing, rain gutters etc. is always a good place to start. However, if you are ready to tackle the kitchen, make sure you consult with professionals. Your dream kitchen will become a money pit rather quickly if you decide to go on blind faith alone.

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