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Reasons for Damage to Your Bathroom Cabinets by Experts of San Fernando Valley

by Elias Deukmajian | Bathroom Remodel

Every responsible homeowner knows that in order to add value to your assets, you must make sure to keep your house in top shape throughout the years. This includes your kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

There are a myriad of reasons that your old bathroom cabinets could be damaged, dingy, or even simply broken. If you have unsightly bathroom cabinets making your powder room an eyesore, contact the experts at Kitchen Emporium for a bathroom cabinet spruce up.

The Importance of Beautiful Bathroom Cabinets

Having beautiful bathroom cabinets might seem like a trivial part of your home’s overall aesthetic, but at the end of the day it makes a huge difference in appearance. Not only does having nice, clean cabinets convey a sense of cleanliness and prestige to any bathroom, but it also shows that you care about the home you live in.

If you do have currently damaged bathroom cabinets, not to worry. Damage to bathroom cabinets can occur for many different reasons, some of which are easily fixable or even replaceable if need be.

Reasons for Damage to Your Bathroom Cabinets

There are many different reasons that the cabinets in your bathroom could have become rusty, dingy, old, broken, scratched, or simply unusable. If you are experiencing this issue, remember that you’re not alone. Plenty of homeowners have damaged bathroom cabinets that need to be repaired. Damaged bathroom cabinets can occur because of:

  • Earthquake damage: When living in Southern California areas including the San Fernando Valley, San Diego, and San Marcos, California, it is common to experience small to moderate earthquakes. Sometimes these earthquakes have the ability to shake the foundations of houses, causing them to become a little bit crooked or off kilter. If this occurs, it could interfere with the structural integrity of your cabinet system, damaging them in the process.
  • Water damage: Water damage occurs when the bathroom cabinets have been soaked in or flooded by water without being properly cared for after. Common types of water damage for cabinets are overflowing bathtubs, broken pipes, leaky roofs during the rainy season, and overflowing toilets. Occasionally, minor flooding can also cause water damage to your bathroom cabinets.
  • Overuse or wear and tear: Simple overuse of cabinets can cause their doors to eventually swing off the hinges or become scratched and unseemly. If your cabinet doors are very old and used often, consider having them replaced by a professional.
  • Animal scratches: Animals are one of the main reasons for damage to your bathroom cabinets. If you have a dog or a cat who either jumps up or scratches at cabinet doors, their claws can leave permanent scratch marks in your bathroom cabinet facings.
  • Small children and babies: Small children and babies tend to cause a lot of destruction to bathroom cabinets due to their size. Small children are about the height of bathroom cabinets and will cause a lot of wear and tear on them.
  • Rusty hinges and hardware: If your cabinet wood is looking beautiful but the door just won’t open and close, it may be your hardware or hinges that are bad. A rusty hinge or cabinet hardware can prevent a functional bathroom cabinet. Consider changing the hinges.

How to Extend the Life of your Bathroom Cabinets

At Kitchen Emporium in Southern California, we understand that after you have your bathroom cabinets installed and revamped by a seasoned professional, it is incredibly important to practice the proper upkeep to keep them looking their best. In order to extend the life of your bathroom cabinets, you can:

  • oil the wood on wooden bathroom cabinets
  • oil the hinges or replace them when they become rusted
  • do not let animals damage them
  • clean them with wood safe products

Kitchen Emporium Can Help You with Damaged Bathroom Cabinets

As Southern California’s kitchen and bath experts for over twenty years serving the San Fernando Valley, San Diego, and Marcos, we know the importance of beautiful and operational bathroom cabinets.

Bathroom Cabinet Installation Our knowledgeable kitchen professionals and friendly staff offer expert advice and affordable, quality renovation services just a phone call away. If your damaged bathroom cabinets are putting a damper on your home aesthetic goals, you can trust Kitchen Emporium to brighten them up with quality materials and hardware. Call us today or come in for expert help for your kitchen.

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