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Exotic Farmhouse Kitchen

How to Design an Exotic Farmhouse Kitchen

by Elias Deukmajian | Kitchen Remodel

The farmhouse home design has stood the test of time, attributing much of its popularity to the nostalgic feelings it evokes in people. The traditional farmhouse style evokes memories of home-cooked meals in grandma’s rustic kitchen and a pleasant and comfortable area for the entire family. It is not simply the warm, inviting atmosphere that draws people in; these places are also functional and well-equipped spaces for everyday family activities and needs. Homeowners are motivated for these reasons to incorporate farmhouse decor into their kitchen designs, frequently with modern and exotic twists. This article will take you through some helpful tips and ideas on designing an exotic Farmhouse kitchen.

Designing an Exotic Farmhouse Kitchen

An exotic farmhouse successfully blends the warmth of rustic style with modern and industrial components for a whole new, efficient, and sophisticated appearance when properly designed. You can achieve this following the steps below:
  • The farmhouse sink: A farmhouse kitchen’s star is obviously the sink, popularly known as an apron-front sink. These sinks are a little out of the ordinary, and they are certainly not what we picture when we think of sinks. The classic farmhouse sink, usually made of white ceramic or porcelain, can manage the muck and prep of huge loads while preserving a nostalgic vibe. Although a copper or bronze farmhouse sink is not unusual nowadays, white is the classic choice for achieving the farmhouse look.
  • Rustic or antique decor: Natural wood is one of the first things that comes to mind when designing a farmhouse kitchen, apart from the obvious sinks. Recycled and salvaged woods from actual rural settings are great additions to exotic farmhouse kitchens when done with a professional eye for quality. Refined metal fixtures and equipment with cozy, minimalist attributes are recommended to set the kitchen in a modern style.
  • Lighting: Lighting is crucial in a modern kitchen. There is a range of lighting fixtures suited for an exotic farmhouse design depending on whether you want the lighting to be a statement piece or serve its purpose. Antique-style lamps and hanging chandeliers are a great way to incorporate industrial elements into a cozy farmhouse kitchen. Other farmhouse lightning options are designs in the past, such as lanterns and candles. For modern farmhouse kitchens, lantern lighting fixtures are quite popular.
  • Cabinets and colors: Keep your colors natural and traditional, with a hint of contemporary elegance and shine to get an exotic farmhouse kitchen style. Wooden kitchen cabinets, preferably white, beige, or brown, are included in most decor concepts. Although wood appears to be required for a warm and rustic feel, an increasing number of designers and homeowners are experimenting with paint colors like blue and gray or even a two-toned option. Open wooden shelving is the cabinetry style in modern farmhouse kitchens, allowing you to display your vintage dishware collection in an accessible and elegant manner.
  • Flooring: Any wood style would be great for flooring in an exotic farmhouse kitchen. Examples are engineered hardwood floors, luxury vinyl tile, and wood-look laminate flooring. Light or dark wood would look great in a modern farmhouse kitchen, depending on the rest of the kitchen’s design.
  • Countertops: A lovely and durable white or gray quartz countertop is recommended, particularly one with a grayish-blue vein. To master the combination of farmhouse and modern, choose a colder undertone for countertops to neutralize any warmth from a wood-look floor or other wooden fixtures.
  • Walls: If you want to make a statement with your furniture, appliances, flooring, or decorations, it is best to stick to neutral paint colors like white, beige, or gray for your walls. If the rest of your kitchen design is plain, you can go all out on the walls for a special effect.

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