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Water-Proof Bathroom

Expert Tips to Water-Proof Your Bathroom

by Elias Deukmajian | Bathrooms

Your bathroom is essential for your home as a place of rest and relaxation. However, it is also a place that can lead to water damage in your bathroom and the rest of your living space if not properly waterproofed. To maintain your bathroom as a room you can enjoy fully, it is vital that you consider making it waterproof to avoid any problems that may compromise the comforts and efficiency of this room.

Water is a key component to the fundamental functioning of your bathroom. There are many different ways water can serve your needs in this room, however this means that there are opportunities for water to leak and cause damage in the bathroom and other parts of your house.

Waterproofing your bathroom can give you peace of mind that you won’t find your floor dripping into the living room below it. A bathroom that is waterproofed can stop leaks from miniscule cracks in the wall or floor and also prevent mold from growing in areas where dampness occurs from accumulating water.

Additionally, a waterproof bathroom provides better insulation to help you regulate your interior temperature and save on energy bills. On top of these beneficial features, a waterproof bathroom can boost the value of your property.

Expert Tips on How to Waterproof Your Bathroom

While it is impossible to prevent every drop of water from escaping the confines of your bathroom, waterproofing makes it possible to reduce the chance of water damage from leaks and health concerns like mold and fungus.

It is best to do your research into this renovation, and we recommend the installations for your waterproof bathroom be completed by trained professionals to ensure it is done correctly, meeting safety regulations, and to the highest efficiency possible.

Below are some tips on how to waterproof your bathroom:

  • Take measurements: Choose your bathroom area you want to waterproof and measure the There are specialized tool sets available to help you do this.
  • Determine if you will need a primer: Some bathroom surfaces have stronger adhesion properties than others. There might or might not be a need to spray additional primer over surfaces before waterproofing the bathroom.
  • Clean: A clean work area free of dust and dirt will allow for best adhesion and efficacy for your waterproofing.
  • Setup: There are corner pieces that are to be placed in corners of showers as well as sealing tape for other corners and edges in the bathroom.
  • Waterproof plumbing fittings: These include wall sleeves and pipes. It is recommended you seek professional expertise with these fixtures as improper installation can lead to worse problems and defeat the purpose of waterproofing your bathroom.
  • Application of waterproofing membrane: Apply to walls following the directions of your renovating Also apply to the bathroom floor and cut out the shower drain.
  • Corrections: Perform any corrections necessary regarding the sealing tape and areas of overlap.
  • Tiling: Once correctly waterproof, tiling may begin to complete your new and improved bathroom.

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