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Effective Remodeling Ideas for Your Small Kitchen

by Elias Deukmajian | Kitchen Remodel

Everyone dreams of having a beautiful and spacious kitchen. Sometimes that means high ceilings with an abundance of natural light. Other people enjoy a cozy place with granite countertops. If you can have your kitchen remodeled, it will offer you plenty of charm and comfort to your exact specifications.

With the right stylish design ideas and small-space solutions, you can have the kitchen of your dreams with your remodel, maximizing your kitchen’s efficiency and storage. To help you creatively make the most of your small kitchen, here are some clever and chic remodeling ideas for you. With these tricks, you are sure to make the most of your cabinetry and counter space.

Superb and Creative Kitchen-Remodeling Ideas

Your kitchen may feel larger if most of it were full of lighter colors. You should make sure that the kitchen window isn’t heavy with drapery or blinds to bring in natural light. Ensure to use natural colors outside your kitchen or even plants in a window box, too. This will visually extend your kitchen to outside the window.

Another way to make your kitchen feel more open is to keep a light palette on your kitchen’s backsplash, countertops, and millwork. Make sure your cooking tools, such as pots and pans, cutting boards, kitchen linens, and aprons, are in lighter shades. This can help lift a space in your kitchen.

Add a Kitchen Island

No matter how small or narrow your kitchen might be, it is possible to add a slim kitchen island to your furniture. This will help set the pace and conversation. You can consider it as a rolling island that you can push out of the way when not needed and easily bring back in when necessary.

To make your kitchen island mobile, you just need to put it on wheels, which will make it very mobile and easy to drag in when you need it to work in the kitchen and also roll aside when guests come in so as to create a space for conversation.

Light Up Your Kitchen Using Striking Light Fixtures

For an instant remodeling feel, it is recommended that you utilize this space with as much light as possible, both natural and artificial. Install lights to help brighten your entire kitchen. You can also down-light the kitchen island with decorative fixtures. There’s nothing as frustrating as cooking in a dimly lit kitchen. That’s why good lighting is incredibly important while cooking.

Make sure you add LED light strips hidden on top of cabinets or recessed lights in the ceiling to brighten everything up. Lighting can never be too much in the kitchen. Colored lights, such as warm golds or bright whites can change the mood to suit your party, evening, or daytime barbeque.

Use Concealed Storage

This is an important remodeling idea. It is a modernized method to ensure you maximize your kitchen space. With open shelving, there’s a concern about dust, and there’s just less of a desire to showcase the interior of cabinetry. It’s not just dinnerware you can conceal, you can basically stash away anything.

If you’re designing a small kitchen from scratch or completely overhauling one, the possibilities for concealed storage are endless. Appliances can be hidden behind a set of custom French doors, a pullout banquette can be tucked into an island, and pullout marble pantries can be designed. Also, concealed outlets can be installed. There are hundreds of ideas that you may not have thought of, so visit us today to talk about your needs and to experience ideas in our showroom.

Small Kitchen Effective Remodeling

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