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Wood Features in Kitchen

Easy Ways to Add Wood Features to Your Kitchen Renovation from Experts in San Fernando

by Elias Deukmajian | Kitchen Remodel

Wood is a natural material regularly used in structural designs and buildings. Its distinct and unique character generally appeals to clients, engineers, and designers. Apart from the natural, aesthetic features, wood is exceptionally durable and sturdy. Seeing how functional and attractive wooden designs can be, it is not surprising that many people are opting for wooden designs in their kitchen.

If you are curious about how wood features can be incorporated into your kitchen renovation, we have provided below some of the best ways to use wood in your kitchen renovation.

Butcher Block Countertop

Butcher blocks are fused with individual wooden boards to give your kitchen countertop a natural and earthy feel. The butcher block countertop can be installed at a comparatively lower price compared to other materials, like quartz or marble. If you are in search of an inexpensive yet attractive feature for your kitchen, you can opt for a butcher block countertop.

One downside to having a butcher block countertop is its susceptibility to scratches and stains. To limit this disadvantage, try to install the butcher block in non-cooking areas as much as possible.

Wooden Open Shelves

If you have small spaces available in your kitchen, you might want to consider adding open shelves to your renovation plans. They do the trick of giving your kitchen the appearance of spaciousness.

One advantage the open shelf system has over other features is its ability to adapt to different kitchen types. This system fits perfectly in tiny spaces in your kitchen, like above or beside the door or in a corner, stacking high with multiple wooden shelves.

Another advantage of the open shelving system is its flexible nature. It gives enough room to incorporate different styles with this feature. You can add this open shelf design to your kitchen with oak, maple, rich walnut, or any other wood of your choice. Natural beauty will be a focal point.

Kitchen Cabinets

When renovating your kitchen, you should pay attention to the type of material used in making the cabinets because the material goes a long way to determine how attractive, functional, and durable your cabinets are. Some popular woods used are hickory, plywood, mahogany, poplar, maple, and red oak.

Take into consideration the various pros and cons of using each wood. For instance, woods like hickory and maple are generally the hardest wood available, so compared to softer woods like ash and oak, they should be more durable and resistant to dents and scratches. However, they may be less attractive compared to their counterparts when painted, stained, or glazed.

Wooden Beams

Whether used to partition spaces or design wall posts and ceilings, wood beams can be a fashionable design for your kitchen. Adding wood beams across the ceiling enhances your kitchen and instantly gives it a more natural and cozy feel. You can wrap an existing beam with new lumber or reclaimed wood to bring out the underlying beauty in your kitchen.

Painting on a Wooden Board

Instead of a regular oil or digital painting, you can opt for a more sophisticated picture painted on a wooden board. This is usually painted on pieces of wood stacked to form a square or rectangle. Images of landscapes, animals, flowers, and symbols like stars or flags are very common. Your wooden painting or picture will add greatly to the aesthetics of your kitchen.

Kitchen Renovation Planning

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