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Bathroom Lighting

Common Lighting Mistakes Made While Renovating Bathrooms from the Experts in San Fernando

by Elias Deukmajian | Bathroom Remodel

Your bathroom should be an oasis where you can relax and unwind from a long day. The proper lighting will have a big impact on the way the room feels, but with the wrong lighting, the room can look dirty and unwelcoming.

Why is Good Lighting Important in the Bathroom

Many people do not think the lighting in the bathroom is important. You can often find one light positioned in the center of the ceiling. This light will help you see, but it is not the ideal lighting.

Reasons why bathroom lighting is important:

  • Natural light is healthy
  • Lighting can create a mood
  • Shadows can make your bathroom look dirty
  • Bad lighting can make it hard to put on makeup
  • Improper lighting can make it feel gloomy
  • Good lighting is important when shaving
  • Falls can happen due to bad lighting

Lighting Mistakes Made While Renovating Bathroom

Lighting is often overlooked in the bathroom. However, it should be near the top of your priority list. If you are looking to renovate your bathroom, be sure not to make any of these common bathroom lighting mistakes.
  • Don’t Choose the Wrong Color Lights: The colors of the lights will greatly impact the look and feel of your bathroom. You will want a whitelight that mimics natural light. When you use your bathroom to get ready to go out, by using a natural looking bulb, you will have a better feel of how you will look in sunligh Dark lights and yellow lights can be misleading.
  • Don’t Install Only One Light: One light is not enough for a bathroom. Not even a small one. A bathroom needs several lights. You need one ceiling light for brightness, but you also need localized lighting that is more direct.
  • Do Not Light the Mirror: You will want to place at least two lights on the sides of the mirror. This helps to prevent shadows on the face. Face lighting is extremely important when putting on makeup and shaving.
  • Do Not Use Flashy Light Fixtures: Using flashing lights or colorful neon glow strips in your bathroom might seem fun for hosting a party but using this to get ready for work is unnecessary. Lighting in your bathroom needs to be functional. Also, you do not need bright glares or blinding lights.
  • Do Not Choose Harsh Lighting: You want to have enough light in your bathroom to brighten the area but you do not want the lighting so harsh it can make simple tasks hard to do. If you’re squinting while showering and shaving, this would be too much.
  • Do Not Neglect Safety Guidelines: Guidelines have been put in place to protect you, your family, and your homes. Safety guidelines should always be followed when working with electricity. Bathrooms are even more dangerous since there is water involved.
  • Utilize The Ability to Dim Lights: You may not think you need dimming lights in your bathroom, but they can come in handy. They can create a relaxing atmosphere when you are trying to unwind and they can save on your energy costs. You can also use them to gently illuminate your bathroom as a nightlight when guests are staying over.
  • Remember to Take Advantage of your Ceiling: You do not have to place one light on the ceiling. Take advantage of all the space on the ceiling. Install recessed lights to brighten up those dark areas. You can even install lights that are safe above the shower.
  • Incorporate Natural Lighting: Natural light can be your best friend. We understand that it is not always possible to incorporate natural lighting from outside, but if you can, it is a good choice. Having a window in your bathroom does not only help with light but it can also provide ventilation to remove moisture after a hot shower.
Bathroom Light Installation

We Can Make Your Bathroom Renovation Easy

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