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Can You Have A Walk In Shower In Your Small Bathroom?

by Elias Deukmajian | Bathrooms

Many homeowners find themselves faced with a small bathroom and no idea what to do to remodel it to their liking. They want to put in a walk-in shower, but fear that it will take up too much room and look out of place.

The good news is that it is possible to have a walk in shower, even in a small bathroom. When it is placed well, the walk in shower can help to enhance the room and even make it look a little bit bigger. Our team at Kitchen Emporium is here to help you choose the right type of walk in shower for your small bathroom.

Adding a Walk In Shower to a Small Bathroom

You can add a walk in shower to any bathroom in your home. In fact, this may be more space efficient than using a regular shower and tub. Walk in showers take up less space in the bathroom compared to a big tub. The shower may not be huge, but a small one can be done in almost any type of bathroom.

Best Walk In Shower Ideas In a Small Bathroom

Since a small bathroom is often limited on space, homeowners need to get creative to make the most use of what they have. There are a lot of great ideas that can look amazing in a small bathroom, but you may need to scale back and do things a little differently compared to what is possible in a large bathroom. Some tips to keep in mind when creative a walk in shower in a small bathroom includes:

  • Use a Corner Shower: To implement the best walk in shower in your small bathroom, you need to be smart with your space. A corner or an alcove in the bathroom can help you tuck into a small space and still have plenty of room for a luxurious shower whenever you want. You can even use some of the leftover space to add your own vanity on the side.
  • Blend Into the Tilework: When you use the tile work already present into the shower, you can make the space seem larger. The shower will look less intrusive to the whole area as well. When you turn the main focal point over to the tile design, then the shower goes into the background a little more, which is important in a small space.
  • Forget About the Tub: Homeowners who are short on space in their bathroom need to seriously give up the tub. If you already have one bathroom in the home with a tub, then it is not necessary to add one with your walk in shower now. For homes with only one bathroom, you should have a tub combo with a walk in shower with a clear shower door to make the most of your space.
  • Be Bright: If you plan to remodel the bathroom, then go with bright colors. This will open up the bathroom and make it look a lot bigger than it is. Add your shower near a window to let in some of the natural light while creating the illusion of space.
  • Use Shower Doors That are Clear Glass: Finally, when choosing the color of your shower doors, pick ones that are clear glass. This will help to let more natural light into the bathroom. Depending on how you organize the rest of the bathroom, these glass shower doors can help the shower pop or fade into the background.
When a homeowner plans out their bathroom space well, a walk in shower will enhance the entire room and be a pleasing addition to the home. In fact, it may be able to help maximize the space inside that small bathroom. The right walk in shower can help to keep the bathroom open and bright and can add a touch of luxury to the whole room.

Walk In Shower in Small Bathroom At Kitchen Emporium, we are ready to help turn your bathroom ideas into reality. We serve the residents of San Fernando Valley, San Diego, and San Marcos, CA in creative the bathroom of their dreams. No matter what type of bathroom you have available in your home or what your big ideas are, our team is here to help. Contact us today to set up your consultation. We look forward to meeting you soon!

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