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Bathroom Renovation

A Realistic Budget for a Bathroom Renovation in San Fernando Valley

by Elias Deukmajian | Bathroom Remodel

Besides the obvious benefits that come with renovating your bathroom, the concern for most homeowners is the cost, as they most often believe that it is too high to afford. In San Fernando Valley, bathroom renovations can be expensive, but not always. It requires careful planning and time investigating what you want and the options available to you to keep it in your budget.

It is worth noting that renovation is not the same as remodeling. Renovating your bathroom will include:

  • Removing the medicine cabinet, shower stall, vanity, walls, and toilet.
  • Placing new wall board
  • Installing a new medicine cabinet, toilet, and vanity
  • Removing and installing flooring
  • Finishing ceilings and walls
  • Placing new wall decor and finishing touches
As you plan for your bathroom renovations, there are some factors that you need to consider and these are demolition costs, plumbing and electrical costs, tiling, bathroom countertop costs, labor costs, and bathroom vanity costs. Let’s take a closer look at each one:

Demolition Costs

Demolition of the bathroom must be done by a professional to eliminate the risk of water damage from plumbing issues and electrical damage as you change the layout and wall configuration. Demolition of an interior wall can be anything from replacing the drywall to changing the placement of shower stalls and vanities. This will result in a range of costs, depending on the size of the bathroom and how much you wish to change the placement of plumbing and electrical outlets.

Plumbing and Electrical Costs

The complexity of your bathroom may affect the layout of your pipes, which will be a cost factor. If you remove sinks, toilets, and showers, then the plumbing work can be expensive. You will need an experienced plumbing company and electrical experts to review your plan in advance and provide you with a cost estimate. You can change your plans accordingly, and they may also have some work-around ideas to help you get the renovation of your dreams.


The cost of tiling will depend on the material selected and style. Porcelain is one of the best materials. It usually runs about $5 -$10 per square foot. Porcelain lasts for many years and is easy to clean and maintain. The styles are endless, but there are other options out there, too!. Also, the right flooring in your shower will be a sound investment in your home, driving up the value.

Bathroom Countertop Costs

Engineered stone bathroom countertops usually cost about $75 to $250 per square foot. However, a marble countertop instead of a custom-cut option will save you some money as you choose from various designs and colors of your preference.

Bathroom Vanity Costs

The amount you are willing to spend will determine the quality of vanity you want. A custom bathroom vanity will cost you more than a stock vanity. The stock option ranges from $500 to $1500, without installation fees. For a custom vanity, it can lean upwards of $2,200, without installation costs.

Labour: A Necessary Expense

General labor costs will cover things like painting, drywall installation, tile/flooring installment, plumbing and electrical changes, etc. These are determined by the renovation specialist. They will vary from one contractor to another, but on average, it will range $2000 and $3000. The size of the bathroom will also weigh in on the cost of labor. The labor rate will decrease in a small bathroom, since the work duration is less. It will increase in a bigger bathroom with more custom work and configuration changes, since the work is more intensive.

Kitchen Emporium: Your Renovation Experts

Before starting your renovation project, start by knowing your bathroom’s square footage. Use a tape measure to make estimates of the area of the floor, then calculate the bathroom’s approximate size. This will give you a clue of how much you need to set aside for the renovation process.

Bathroom Tiling Work Be objective when choosing a contractor, and don’t choose the first one who gives you the lowest bid. Investigate their credentials and look at online reviews. If you are in the Southern California areas of San Fernando Valley, San Diego, and San Marcos, you can visit us at Kitchen Emporium.

At Kitchen Emporium, our expert staff has helped homeowners throughout Southern California remodel and renovate their home’s kitchens and bathrooms with ease for over 20 years. We offer wholesale materials for everything your kitchen or bathroom needs with a full line of customizable options perfectly suited to either update or completely redesign your room with the breath of fresh air you’re looking for. Contact us today!

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