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7 Tips for Beating Bathroom Remodeling Stress

by Elias Deukmajian | Bathroom Remodel

You already know that remodeling your bathroom will require some serious planning and decision-making. Just by thinking about these decisions can prove to be somewhat overwhelming and stressful, but it is important to get started now. Realize that an updated and remodeled bathroom can create a better overall living environment and also increase the value of your home. To make this project as fun (yes, fun) as possible, we have described 7 principles below that you should follow to help reduce the stress of remodeling your bathroom.

Before You Begin

Among the biggest mistakes that you can make when redesigning or remodeling your bathroom is to worry about every detail. You need to accept that mistakes are going to be made, either from user error or because of unforeseen problems in your plumbing, walls, floors, etc. Since you will not know of potential issues until after you begin, worrying will certainly add unnecessary stress.

Beat Stress Using These 7 Tips

1. Commit to Preliminary Learning

Using different resources available, it is vital that you educate yourself to get a better understanding of what is involved and what you should expect. While it is useful to learn about different designs and products, it is equally important to learn about various techniques and methods to make the process easier. This will also inform you of the skillsets required for certain tasks.

2. Choose and Agree on Overall Design Features

Decide on the features and the overall look you want in your new bathroom, and then commit to that decision once everyone agrees. By making all of these choices early, you will reduce any frustration that occurs from making last-minute changes since these can alter your budget, schedule, and measurements. These choices can include color schemes, fixture designs, and cabinetry you want.

3. Plan a Step-by-Step Design

If your goal is to reduce your stress level, there is no room for negotiation with this step. You must write out all of your plans with clear steps outlined. It does not matter how these steps look or if your wording is proper. What is important is that you spend sufficient time on the planning process with an end goal in mind.  This plan will be your guide throughout, and it will minimize your stress by decreasing mistakes and refocusing you when you feel lost in the process.

4. Develop a Budget

You need to get an understanding of all the costs involved when remodeling your bathroom. This is not restricted to just fixtures, paint, and materials. You should familiarize yourself with what expenses can result from removing any walls, plumbing, and flooring. Making any necessary repairs can cause you to go over budget, so put aside a little extra for any potential hidden costs.

5. Make Purchases Sooner Rather Than Later

After determining what fixtures and products you will need to create your new bathroom, do not put off ordering them. It is preferable that you purchase everything all at once if you can afford to do this. Earlier is better when it comes to ordering since it allows for more accurate pricing. It may even result in discounts on larger purchases, and this would be an obvious stress-reducer.

6. Reduce Interruptions

You will likely incur some level of interruption of bathroom usage during the remodel. While you can minimize this period of time by prioritizing the order you install certain items, but you must first decide whether if it makes sense. For example, if you are installing a new toilet, it makes sense to install this first theoretically in order to use it sooner. However, doing so may result in it getting damaged inadvertently during the remodeling process.

7. Plan on Alternate Activities

This last way to beat stress is to especially important since you may need to frequently leave, not only your bathroom but your house due to fumes, etc. Plan ahead for appropriate activities during these breaks, deciding on activities for short and prolonged periods of time.

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