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Tips to Customize Your Bathroom Designs with the Right Countertops From the Best in San Diego

by Elias Deukmajian | Bathroom Remodel

A major component of interior design is cohesion in the color palettes of paint, furnishings, and cabinetry. The bathroom is one of the most important areas where this is applied, as it should be an area of rest and relaxation. A point of focus in contemporary bathroom design is the countertops, so here are some pointers on how to design a bathroom with the perfect countertops for your style and taste.

How to Choose the Perfect Material for Your Bathroom Countertops

Remember that the bathroom countertop is going to face a lot of persecution: constant splashing of water, accidental dropping of hair-dryers, and spilling of makeup and skin care products. Choosing the right material is essential to protecting the condition of your countertop and maintaining a pleasant aesthetic over a long period.

The best materials for your countertops are granite, slate, marble, and quartz. These are all incredibly strong stones, scratch-resistant, and durable under repeated heat exposure from curling irons or hair straighteners, for example.

Keep in mind that although these are all quite comparable in durability, marble is most vulnerable to staining than granite and quartzite.

Opting for any of these options can potentially be expensive. However, there are different grades to choose from, providing you a bit of flexibility in your choice of durability and aesthetics.

If the above aren’t your style, don’t worry. You’ve got a few more choices:


This is the most budget-friendly option, but it comes with some pretty significant compromises. This material is susceptible to burns and physical damage, such as dents.


Another popular economy option, tiles are great for either simple or complex bathroom designs. There are many different materials for tile that could potentially make this a great alternative. The most popular option, however, is ceramic. A major downside to a tile countertop is that it is a magnet for the build-up of dirt and gunk in its crevices.


Although it can offer the warm and fuzzy appeal of a cabin in the woods, wood that is not sealed properly in a bathroom countertop is at risk of rotting or warping due to long-term exposure to moisture.

Current Trends in Contemporary Bathroom Design

Think of the overall feel or theme you want for your bathroom. Some of the most popular trends right now are modern, industrial, and natural tones and textures. Let’s take a look at some examples of these types:


The modern look, specifically when designed with the same eye as a spa, generally consists of stones and wood of light tones. Many modern looks also use marble in portions or even throughout the entirety of the bathroom. An idea is dark decor with natural tones juxtaposed with sleek, geometric furnishings. If you are aiming for a calming atmosphere, then this is the look for you. Again, marble is an ideal candidate for modern bathroom design. However, the stark contrast of a dark-colored slate countertop or even the sleekness of a solid-surface countertop would do well here.


The industrial look offers a bit more flexibility in the use of dark, natural tones by using metals such as copper juxtaposed to stone or wooden appliances or furnishings. There is also a bit more room for creativity in an industrial-style bathroom, as the structural aesthetics of pieces, such as the showerhead, are critical to pulling this look off. If your bathroom is less of a space for relaxation and more of an entertaining feature (such as in the case of a guest bathroom) or an opportunity for artistic expression, then this is certainly the look for you. Slate would again shine in this atmosphere. Concrete is an undoubtedly perfect material to support an industrial bathroom design.

Natural Tones/Textures

This is another theme which lends itself to the design of a bathroom theme for a small, personal spa. Playing with textures and tones can create a multi-layered experience for yourself and guests in your bathroom. Textured pieces can include the floor mat, shower curtains, and even the countertops. Some great candidates for the choice of intriguing countertop textures are limestone and wood.

Bathroom Decoration

Choosing the Perfect Bathroom Countertop for Your Bathroom Design

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