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Tips to Choose the Perfect Kitchen Cabinet Hardware From Experts in San Diego

by Elias Deukmajian | Kitchen Remodel

When it comes to remodeling your kitchen, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is choosing the right cabinet hardware. The right hardware can tie the whole look of your kitchen together and add the finishing touch to your design. But with so many options available, you’ll want to choose the perfect kitchen hardware that conveys your style and theme.

There is a huge selection of kitchen hardware available to choose from when looking to spruce up your kitchen cabinets. From drawer slides and drawers pull, to hinges and knobs, kitchen hardware can be as sophisticated or fun as you want it to be.

Also, don’t be afraid to mix different materials together for added visual appeal, too. Metal and glass can look great together! There are also plenty of budget-friendly kitchen hardware options for those of us who may have limited funds.

Be sure to take your time when selecting kitchen hardware that best fits your kitchen space and style. Let’s look at ways to ensure you get the perfect hardware for your remodel.

Consider the Style of Your Kitchen

The first thing to consider when choosing cabinet hardware is the overall style of your kitchen. Do you have a modern, sleek kitchen with clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic, or is your kitchen more traditional, with ornate details and a warm, classic feel? The hardware you choose should match the style of your kitchen and complement the rest of the design.

Think About the Finish on the Hardware

The finish of your cabinet hardware is also important. Do you want a modern look with chrome or stainless steel, or are you looking for something more traditional, like brass or bronze? Consider the other finishes in your kitchen, such as your appliances and faucet, and choose a hardware finish that will coordinate well.

Choose the Right Size Hardware

The size of your cabinet hardware is also important. If you have small cabinets or drawers, smaller hardware will look better and be more proportional. Conversely, larger cabinets and drawers can handle larger hardware. A good rule of thumb is to choose hardware that is about 1/3 the size of the drawer or cabinet door.

Consider the Function

In addition to the aesthetic aspect, it’s important to think about the function of your cabinet hardware. Do you want handles or knobs? Handles are easier to grip and are a good choice for larger cabinets and drawers, while knobs are better for smaller ones. You should also consider the type of mechanism you want, such as a latch or a push-to-open feature.

Don’t Forget About Your Budget

As with any remodeling project, it’s important to consider your budget when choosing cabinet hardware. Decorative and high-end options can be more expensive, but there are also plenty of budget-friendly options available. Decide how much you’re willing to spend and look for hardware that fits within your budget.

When You’ve Made Your Choice, Installation Can Be a Breeze

Installing kitchen hardware on cabinets can be a quick and easy process if done correctly. When gathering your supplies and tools, ensure that you have all of the necessary components, such as screws, drills, kitchen hardware pieces like handles, knobs and latches.

Before beginning the installation process, measure where the hardware should fit to guarantee accuracy and even placement. Make sure to use a level to ensure that everything is level or aligned symmetrically when attaching kitchen hardware.

Doing a test fit is also advised. Drop each kitchen hardware piece into its respective spots without securing it just yet to make sure it all lines up as desired. Finally, secure each kitchen hardware piece with the appropriate screws and use proper power tools for a secure finish. Enjoy your new hardware!

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Choosing the perfect cabinet hardware for your kitchen remodel involves considering the style of your kitchen, the finish, the size, the function, and your budget. By taking the time to carefully consider each of these factors, you can choose hardware that will look great and function well for years to come. Visit us from all Southern California areas, including the San Fernando Valley, San Diego, and San Marcos!

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