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Simple Cleaning Tips for a Sparkling Bathroom

by Elias Deukmajian | Bathrooms

Cleaning a house is a daunting task, especially when you think about all the rooms that need deep cleaning especially, such as multiple bathrooms and the kitchen. Cleaning those rooms along is enough work for a whole crew of people usually; however, if you get a good system down then the work will be a piece of cake, and you will feel better doing it yourself, knowing that you got every nook and cranny of the sucker. Usually it is best to clean a kitchen or a bathroom systematically; cleaning top to bottom is smart, and doing the potentially messiest and most difficult jobs first, leaving the floors for last. This is the best way to effectively and efficiently clean a bathroom. You should also make sure you have the proper cleaning products for each area of the bathroom. Be especially careful not to use products that are corrosive on sensitive materials such as stone or certain types of grout. Be sure to fully read each label and set of instructions in order to make sure you do not damage any material in the bathroom with the products you use.

Put cleaning product in the toilet thoroughly

First, it is a good idea to put cleaning product in the toilet and let it sit while you clean the rest of the bathroom first, again, leaving the floors for last. Putting cleaning product thoroughly around the edges of the toilet bowl and allowing it to sit will make scrubbing it later a breeze, and will get a majority of the scum off of it while you do other important, labor-intensive things like cleaning the shower. If your sink is also especially grimy, then you can put cleaning product in the sink as well to allow it to soak while you clean the shower. As you may have guessed it, you will be cleaning the shower first. By cleaning the shower first you account for the hardest and most laborious work first, which will also likely splash water onto the bathroom floor. Performing the messiest project first will wind up doing you a favor in the end.

Follow some special instructions

To clean the shower, it is helpful to let the water run to warm, or better, hot. You can use regular soap to clean your tub, or if you want a deeper clean, it is advised that you purchase a shower spray or cleaner that can eliminate mildew or hard water marks. However, it is also important to keep in mind that not all shower materials (tiles, grout, etc.) will take kindly to such abrasive chemicals; be sure to read each bottle label first. After the water is hot and the shower has been thoroughly sprayed down, use a scrub brush to scrub the shower from the walls all the way down to the tub and fixtures. It is also best if you leave the product on the shower for a few moments in order to leaving it sparkling. Once the product has done its job, you can now spray down the shower if you have a nozzle, or use a bucket to scoop and dump hot water along the walls of the shower and tub.

Toilet Cleaning

Wrap up

After cleaning the shower, you can wipe down all the countertops (that are previously cleaned off of all debris). Spraying product in the sink ahead of time is helpful, but not necessary. Be sure to do a thorough job wiping down the countertops and sink—get in between all nozzles and underneath the waterspout. Now you’re ready for everyone’s favorite job—the toilet. First clean the outside of the toilet; the lid, seat cover, and the outer rim of the toilet. You can use a harsh, antibacterial cleaner. Next, get out your handy toilet brush and thoroughly scrub the toilet. Once you have finished cleaning the toilet, simply flush, and voila. Finally, clean the mirror with glass cleaner, and get ready to tackle the floors. First, sweep to gather any dust, dirt, hair, etc. Although it is slightly more work, it is preferable to wipe down the floor with wet rags and soap. This provides a more thorough result. Once you finish with the floors, you are all done, and it’s time to take a nice relaxing bath in your newly cleaned bathtub. Enjoy!

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