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Ideas to Bring Natural Elements into Your Kitchen Design by Experienced Contractors in San Diego

by Elias Deukmajian | Kitchen Remodel

While modern kitchen designs have been popular for a while, many people still prefer the beauty and aesthetics of nature. Natural elements in home design and décor are a timeless aesthetic choice.

Nature offers a sense of calm to rooms that would otherwise be dull. Natural settings give warmth to a room with a sense of sustainability and distinctiveness. Using natural materials and textures can be a design goal for your kitchen to create a warm ambiance and express your style and personality.

Incorporating Natural Elements Into Your Kitchen Design

Adding natural features to a kitchen, which is generally one of the most significant areas in your house, is always a great idea! Below are some ways to bring natural elements into your kitchen:

Natural Lightening

Sunlight is one of the least expensive and most attractive natural elements you can incorporate into your kitchen design. Natural daylighting improves mood, brightens the space, and brings warmth to your kitchen.

Situating windows on the sides where the sun rises and sets will help bring sunlight into the space. The wider the windows, the more natural light and gorgeous views you will enjoy. With daylight, you will experience being in nature while spending valuable time with your family.

Open Plan Kitchen Design

An open kitchen plan makes your space more versatile and creates a better traffic flow. The open plan kitchen design is becoming an increasingly popular way to bring nature into your cooking space. It allows natural and artificial light from the next room to flow into your cooking space.

Live Plants

Adding live plants is one of the easiest and most effective methods to bring natural elements into your kitchen and home. Apart from beautifying your kitchen, they also create oxygen and help improve air quality. Live plants or greenery require no time-consuming installation and are simple to maintain, making them an excellent addition.

You can make a centerpiece for your kitchen tables, shelves, or counters by getting fresh flowers and setting them in a vase. A simple floral arrangement on your kitchen counter will also add warmth.

Natural Wood for cabinet

Natural wood gives a sense of comfort, and it has a warmth to it that modern kitchens often lack. They are a classic material that never goes out of style. Natural wood furniture is one of the most popular kitchen ideas, as it creates an organic style that blends well with vegetation and light. Cherry, maple, and oak are excellent wood choices for your kitchen cabinet. Woodgrain designs also offer your kitchen a natural appeal and keep it cool throughout the warmer seasons.

Stone Elements

While wood and greenery are the most popular methods to bring nature into the kitchen, other natural elements like stone should not be overlooked. Natural stone can be used for flooring, accent walls, fireplace hearths, countertops, etc. Also, a beautiful backsplash can be created in your kitchen using natural stone that will completely transform your kitchen.

Natural Colors

While bright colors often portray a more energetic vibe, neutral shades offer a calming effect. It provides a consistent, peaceful, and relaxing environment. Colors like green and brown have a natural feel but try varied red, yellow, and orange shades if you want a more modern earth tone decor. These will give your kitchen a more sophisticated appearance.

Regardless of whichever of our suggestions you intend to incorporate into your kitchen, always remember that it is important to consider shape, practicality, function, and form when designing or renovating your kitchen.

Kitchen With Natural Wood Cabinet

The Experts at Kitchen Emporium Will Help

Incorporating natural and organic elements in your kitchen gives a warm and peaceful atmosphere that helps you feel comfortable. The best approach to achieve this is by seeking expert help.

At Kitchen Emporium, our expert staff has helped thousands of homeowners remodel and renovate their kitchens throughout Southern California. We also offer wholesale materials for your kitchen needs, including a wide range of customizable solutions.

Please call us today to schedule a free estimate or visit us from across Southern California, including the San Fernando Valley, San Diego, and San Marcos areas. We look forward to helping you design the kitchen of your dream!

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