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How to Take Care of Your Bathroom Cabinets

by Elias Deukmajian | Bathroom RemodelBathrooms

Over time the cabinets in your bathroom will start to look worse for wear due to countless steaming hot showers along with other dirt and grime that builds up. If you clean your cabinets regularly, it’s actually very simple for them to stay clean. Here are some of the best ways to take care of your bathroom cabinets and to keep them clean and looking as good as new for years to come.

Tips to follow

1) Dust: Regardless of the fact that bathrooms are usually humid, you’ll still want to check the furniture in the bathroom for dust. The humidity will actually attract dust and cause it to bond to the cabinets that you have. Wiping your cabinet down with a damp rag regularly will keep your cabinets and furniture free of a dust build-up.

2) Clean Any Spills Immediately: No matter what may leak or spill onto the cabinets, clean it as soon as possible. Substances like hairspray or hair gel can stick to the surface of the cabinets almost instantly or can stain the cabinets with the chemicals they contain so be sure to clean a leak as soon as you notice it. Also be sure to check the cabinet shelves and any drawers for spills, keeping your cabinets looking as good as new means paying close attention to leaks and spills to prevent staining the surface or interior of the cabinets permanently.

3) Polish Your Wood Cabinets: After you’ve dusted the cabinets and cleaned any spills, if you have wood cabinets, using a furniture polish will help remove the last traces of dirt and dust and will work to protect the wood. Removing any blemishes as you notice them is will preserve the stain of the wood.

4) Repair Leaking Fixtures: A leaking fixture will usually cause water damage to your bathroom cabinets which can not only compromise the structure of your cabinets themselves but can lead to potential health issues through the development of mold. If excessive water damage is an issue with your cabinets, it may be time to replace them completely.

When to consider remodeling

Sometimes you may have no choice but to admit that you need to replace your bathroom cabinets and knowing the difference between normal wear and tear and more serious signs that your cabinets are worn-out will help you prevent further damage to the walls and bathroom itself. Here are some of the times you should consider remodeling your bathroom cabinets.

  • You’re Planning to Sell Your Home: If you’re planning on selling your home soon, changing the bathroom design and redoing the cabinets will give the bathroom a new and fresh feeling. For potential buyers this can be an extra enticement as a bathroom with plenty of counter space and cabinet storage is an attractive addition to the home.

  • Your Cabinets are Worn and Beaten: If the damage and wear to your cabinets goes beyond what can be easily cleaned with a simple solution or there are issues with the structure of your cabinets then before more damages can be caused, look into replacing your cabinets. Relatively inexpensive, it won’t be as costly an endeavor as it would be should your cabinet completely break or damage the stability of the bathroom.

  • Your Current Ones are an Obstruction: Depending on the placement of your cabinets, if you’re constantly bumping into them or hitting them it can actually accelerate the wear process by damaging them slowly but surely over time.

  • The Cabinets You Have are Full: Another sign that it may be time to update your bathroom cabinets is if the ones that you have are full to capacity and you’re running out of counter space as well. It’s normal to accumulate more and more things as the years pass so needing to update your storage cabinets is something you should expect to do at least once or twice while in a home.

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Benefits of regular cleaning

Keeping your cabinets clean after noticing spills of various chemicals to prevent surface stains along with regularly dusting and polishing the cabinets will help them to stay looking as good as new for years, even with the constant steam from hot showers and other things that may wear on them over time. Cleaning them periodically will help prevent dust build up as well as keep them easier to clean and will increase the overall lifespan of the cabinets.

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