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Upgraded Bathroom

Bathroom Accessories You Cannot Overlook

by Elias Deukmajian | Bathrooms

When it comes to home remodeling, there are few other rooms to consider beyond the kitchen or the bathroom. Upgraded bathrooms add ambiance and value to homes, as they provide a relaxing area for you to unwind after a long day. The various aspects of bathroom remodeling include: functionality, design & décor, and overall increase in home value. Making smart changes in bathroom accessories can transform a bathroom from dull and barely functioning into a major selling point and enjoyable space. Deciding what upgrades to make should depend on the cost-benefit ratio as well as how the changes will meet your individual needs. You should be able to find a happy medium between what you want to change and what a realtor would suggest you change. Sometimes highly individualized designs can take away from the overall value, not add to it—so it is important to remain as objective as possible when designing a new bathroom. Here are some bathroom accessories you cannot overlook if you want to achieve a balance between necessary and desirable bathroom changes.

Added Storage

One of the most overlooked aspects of bathroom remodeling is the amount of storage that the typical bathroom offers. Because bathrooms are generally smaller spaces, it is essential to include plenty of adequate storage in bathroom designs. Sometimes this requires us to come up with creative ways to integrate cabinetry or shelving into bathrooms. Consulting with a professional remodeling company can help you come up with ways to maximize the existing space and include as much storage as possible.

Small Aesthetic Changes

The smaller details of upgraded designs are another overlooked aspect in bathroom remodeling projects. The small decorative accessories in your bathroom such as cabinet hardware, faucets, and towel bars add a huge amount of aesthetic appeal to your bathroom. Because it is such a small space, even little changes can make a great difference. Smaller aesthetic changes are generally inexpensive but add an element of cohesion and luxury to bathrooms. For instance, matching a brushed nickel finish in all of your bathroom accessories (hardware, faucets, towel racks etc.) can enhance the overall appeal on a budget.

Functional Changes

One of the most important aspects of bathroom remodeling is to assess how your bathroom currently functions without any changes made. It is helpful to consider the size of your home and how well your bathroom functions for the amount of bedrooms or individuals living there. One common bathroom accessory upgrade is to swap out single-sink vanities for double vanity sinks. You can maximize a single-bathroom home by including more than one vanity; this will improve the functionality of the home and can greatly increase the overall value.

New Tile or Flooring

If your bathroom is in relatively good shape, but the flooring needs some attention, you can likely make a flooring change easily and inexpensively. Because bathrooms are smaller areas, the cost of flooring is far less expensive and installation can be quick to complete. You can splurge on a nice tile or laminate flooring that is an acceptable price and adds luxury to your bathroom. In fact, flooring can take a bathroom from dull to modernized easily.

Upgraded Shower Accessories

Bathroom remodeling doesn’t have to include a full overhaul including a new shower, tub and the whole nine yards. Instead, evaluate the condition of the existing elements and how you can spruce them up a little without spending a fortune. Simply upgrading your shower head can transform your existing shower into a luxe, spa experience. For under a hundred dollars you can install a rain shower head that gives your regular old bathroom the illusion of an expensive day at the spa. Furthermore, there are plenty of options available in shower heads—you just have to find one you like!

We Upgrade Bathrooms Too

Bathroom Shower Yes, at Kitchen Emporium we remodel bathrooms too! We have all the experience, skill, and training required to complete beautiful bathroom projects that will add value and luxury to your humble home. You don’t need a huge bathroom overhaul to make a big impact on the functionality or aesthetic of the space. With a diverse clientele in the vast area of Southern California, we have completed projects in Carlsbad, Northridge, Carmel Valley, West Hills, Canoga Park, Simi Valley, and Woodland Hills, just to name a few. This has given us a wide background in aesthetic and function options. If you would like to know more about some of the accessories that can make huge transformations to your own bathroom, contact us today to speak to a professional or to schedule a free in-home estimate.

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